9907-167 Steam Turbines WOODWARD


9907-167 Steam Turbines WOODWARD

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  Model 9907-165 from Woodward series 505E Digital Governer with controlled extraction and/or admission pressure control. 32-bit microprocessor-based digital control for Steam Turbines

  Product Description

The 9907-167 unit is a part of the Woodward 505E series of digital control devices. These devices are a part of the 505E lineup which was manufactured by Woodward Inc. This is one of the oldest independent manufacturers of turbine control systems in America. The 505E series is built for devices such as industrial-sized steam turbines, small unit turbogenerators, or utility turboexpander models. The 505E line is designed overall for the single extraction and/or the admission of steam turbines. It makes the steam turbine operational by using a pair of actuators to drive the inlet steam valves.https://www.weikunfadacai1.com/

This unit is listed under the numerical designation of 9907-167. It is outfitted with a 32-bit microprocessor in order to control the turbines. The physical body of the 9907-167 unit consists of a series of printed circuit board units, housed in an enclosure that is able to securely be mounted within a control panel system.


The 9907-167 model can be outfitted with a NEMA 4X grade protective casing. This casing is optional, however, it is able to protect the electromechanical components effectively from any permanent damage, or from any invasive particles. The case is both watertight and dust-tight, suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions. The 9907-167 unit’s ambient temperature range, without the protective frame, is -25 to 65 C, but with the frame attached, it can only withstand up to 55 C.

  Reviews For 9907-167

  The 9907-167 is designed to operate single extraction and/or admission steam turbines. The 505E series is are fantastic units to configure and operate as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with your plant’s Distributed Control System.

  Model recommendation:

WOODWARD 9907-205

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