Goddess Day



Nov 13, 2022

In the warm spring breeze,

In the twinkling of an eye, it’s the annual beautiful festival

—–38 Women’s Day.

A festival that no longer only belongs to adult women,

Young girls and women of any age can enjoy such a festival

—–A queen or goddess.

Numbers belonging to women

Not age

It’s a story

The flower arrangement activity is perfect,
It can let us temporarily put aside the tiredness and triviality of daily work,
Don’t think about anything, feel the healing power of flower art
A spring breeze,
Two drops of sweet dew,
Three green leaves,
Four flowers,
Weave it into a colorful gift box in the sunny season,
With colorful ribbons,
I wish you with nine percent sincerity and enthusiasm:
Happy Goddess’s Day
Pictures Pictures
Women’s Day to bless you, may your blessings continue.
The lucky stars shine high on the road of happiness and have a bright future.
Happy life, happy life and peaceful company.
Even if people don’t hear or see, they miss each other;
Even if the wind does not move and the water does not flow, the message will always follow;
Sincere wishes, rare, but meaningful.
Because of the existence of women,
The world has become full of warmth,
The family becomes warm,
Life becomes colorful
Goddess Day, bless all women: always keep your youthful appearance and beautiful mood!
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