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Nov 13, 2022

Dragon Boat Festival in 2022

The fragrance of rice dumplings leaves on the fifth day of May, a happy Dragon Boat Festival

On June 3, the taste of life was sweet and salty~

Passionate Dragon Boat Festival – Zongye Fragrant

No matter how thick the leaves are, they can’t stop missing you,

No matter how long the multicolored rope is, it cannot entangle childhood.

You know what I like best? I love you most!

Dragon Boat Festival Custom Traditional Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon’s Day, Chongwu Festival and Tianzhong Festival, is a folk festival integrating worship of gods and ancestors, blessing and exorcism, celebration of entertainment and food
Bi Ai and cattail are busy everywhere, and they are wrapped in five colored silk “
Dragon boat racing, wearing sachets, hanging wormwood, tying colorful flowers in full bloom, and the sun is warm

Zongzi is the most delicious in the four seasons

Have a bite of zongzi and enjoy happiness
Hope everyone
A happy life,
“Zong” is plain sailing!
A promising future
“Zong” is a dream come true!
A promising future
“Zong” is a dream come true!

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