It’s time to trick or treat!



Nov 13, 2022

Xiamen Xiongba E-commerce Co., Ltd
-Happy Halloween-
The annual Halloween is coming~
trick or treat? Trick or treat
Everyone can’t wait to put on colorful clothes
Put on a strange mask
In this mysterious festival
Xiamen Xiongba Holds Halloween Carnival Party
Have a happy Halloween with your family!
Today, you can be a beautiful and generous princess, or a superman who saves the world… At one time, the whole company has become a magic paradise, and all kinds of “strange people” are flying in the sky. The happy Halloween fantasy trip has officially started!
We hid the “treasure” early. You can exchange the prize by finding the corresponding note according to the prompts, but you also need to complete some small tasks to get the gift~
Today, we are all cute ghosts~we need a stage to show our style when we are dressed up!
Who do you pick most in the creative fashion show?

I’m full. The kid has no worries. No one can refuse the charm of desserts! Have a nice afternoon tea to fill your love for life!
What are you doing on the wonderful night of Halloween? I hope Xiamen Hero Carnival will let you enjoy it, and let everyone become a cute ghost, a rich ghost, or anything you want to be!

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