Mid-Autumn Festival



Nov 13, 2022

The Mid Autumn Festival is a good day for Chang Er and Hou Yi to meet once a year in Chinese mythology. On the occasion of the reunion festival, Xiamen Xiongba held the Mid Autumn Festival Poke Pool Party in Haiyue Villa on September 5 to highlight the festival atmosphere, and also to relax and enrich employees’ lives.
On the day of the event, nearly 100 guests and employees of Xiamen Xiongba E-Commerce Co., Ltd. gathered together to welcome the arrival of the festival.
Pool Party

Water gun battle tug of war on water tired and happy
Eat meat, drink wine, talk and laugh
The performance and game interaction of the on-site staff won applause. Vivid and funny hosts, passionate performances, affectionate singing and other wonderful programs have pushed the evening party to one climax after another, but the Mid Autumn Festival, the least activity, is the forum!
The ping-pong sound of dice in the bowl and the enthusiastic cheers of colleagues keep rising one after another, all of which symbolize the liveliness and joy of this activity.
Entertainment programs and games

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