ABB Drive achieves operational carbon neutrality goals



Jun 14, 2023

Recently, Beijing ABB Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. and its Nanjing Servo R&D Center have obtained the “Carbon Neutrality” certificate issued by Beijing Green Exchange Co., Ltd., marking that ABB Drive has achieved operational carbon neutrality in 2022.

Beijing Green Exchange is one of the first batch of China’s voluntary emission reduction trading institutions registered by the national competent authorities, a pilot trading platform for carbon Emissions trading designated by the Beijing Municipal Government, and a comprehensive environmental equity trading market with important influence nationwide. Obtaining the certification of the Green Exchange is a recognition of ABB Transmission’s efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Implementing the concept of green development in operations

According to ABB Group’s 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy and Goals, we have integrated sustainable development into every aspect of our work, incorporating the concept of green development into our own operations, and taking a series of energy-saving and efficiency measures, including:

Establish a 1500 square meter solar photovoltaic power generation system on the top of the office building, utilizing clean energy to power the office building;

Replacing office and factory lighting with LED energy-saving lights can save over 600000 kWh of electricity annually;

Innovatively adopting reactance load in frequency converter testing, saving 50% of electrical energy loss;

Fully apply ABB frequency converters to the HVAC and water supply systems of the company’s factory buildings, significantly saving electricity;

Utilize the waste heat from the factory testing motor room for hot water supply in the factory;

Using fully electric buses as company buses to promote green travel;

Purchase national certified voluntary emission reduction (CCER) through the Carbon emission trading platform.

In addition to the above measures, the company also plans to take more energy-saving and emission reduction measures, including expanding rooftop solar energy, upgrading and replacing more efficient transformers and chillers, installing more advanced heat pump systems, developing energy management systems (EMS), etc., in order to further reduce electricity and steam consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Committed to energy-saving and efficiency enhancement actions
ABB Motion Control has always been committed to driving the world and promoting energy conservation. In order to raise awareness of energy conservation and address climate change more widely, ABB Motion Control has launched the “Energy Efficiency Action” initiative globally since 2021, calling on all sectors to take action to reduce energy consumption and emissions, make commitments, and share practices. Currently, about 300 companies and organizations have participated in this initiative. We advocate that the public join forces as participants in energy-saving and efficiency enhancement actions, saving energy, reducing emissions, and making efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.
Fruitful achievements in low-carbon development

ABB Transmission attaches great importance to environmental protection during its production process and has taken a series of measures to implement the low-carbon development concept through practical actions, which has been recognized by multiple parties.

two thousand and thirteen

ABB Drive has been awarded the title of “Innovation and Green Enterprise”;

two thousand and fourteen

The China Sustainable Development Business Council has listed the ABB transmission factory building frequency converter application plan as a classic case of low-carbon enterprises;

two thousand and sixteen

ABB Transmission has become an executive director unit of the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Financial Alliance;

two thousand and nineteen

ABB Transmission has passed the ISO50001 energy management system certification;

two thousand and twenty

ABB Drive has been rated as a “green factory” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Clear waters and green mountains “, ABB Transmission will continue to adhere to the concept of green development, vigorously develop digitalization and intelligence, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, take practical actions to protect blue water and blue sky, unswervingly fulfill corporate social responsibility, and work with all sectors of society to promote sustainable low-carbon development of society and create a better tomorrow!

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