From farm to dining table, ABB solutions help comprehensively promote the development of aquaculture industry



Jun 14, 2023

Fish and shrimp are not only delicious in taste, but also important sources of high-quality protein. The 2022 “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” proposed suggestions to increase the intake of fish and shrimp. It is recommended to eat fish twice a week or consume 300-500g of fish and shrimp products, which shows the importance of aquatic products.

The aquaculture industry chain involves multiple links, including feed production, seedling cultivation, aquaculture and processing of aquatic products, etc. ABB utilizes its expertise in the field of aquaculture, combined with high-efficiency motors, frequency converters, and PLC technology, to help farmers, food processors, and logistics companies improve production efficiency through more precise control of equipment, making production safer and more efficient.
ABB aquaculture solutions can bring many benefits to customers, such as:

Better adapt to rapidly developing markets
The total production of aquaculture is showing a sustained and rapid growth trend, and the industry pattern is rapidly changing. However, fish and shellfish operators can better cope with the technological challenges faced in aquaculture and improve profit margins by collaborating and innovating with technology providers such as ABB. ABB provides a range of solutions that can bring significant benefits to aquaculture related enterprises, helping them solve problems in a safe, sustainable, and reliable manner.

Promote deep processing of aquatic products
Some aquatic products have a growth cycle of up to three years, so it is particularly important to minimize waste and increase profits as much as possible. In addition, if aquatic products are not processed in a timely manner, stored at appropriate temperatures, or stored improperly, they will easily deteriorate. ABB solutions, combined with high-efficiency motors, frequency converters, and PLC technology, can help improve the operational efficiency of aquaculture processing equipment, save energy, and meet the increasingly complex needs of related equipment.

Provide cooling solutions throughout the entire value chain
Cooling is crucial for every aspect of the aquaculture value chain to ensure that the final product can be safely consumed. In view of this, the cooling device and compressor need to maintain stable and reliable operation. If shut down, it will affect food quality and safety, causing huge losses. ABB combines frequency converters, PLCs, and motors to provide reliable cooling solutions for the entire aquaculture value chain.

ABB provides solutions throughout the entire value chain for customers in the aquaculture industry, covering every aspect of aquatic products from farms to dining tables, with sustainability, reliability, and safety in mind. Choose ABB to support the development of your aquaculture business!
ABB is a technology leader in the field of electrical and automation, committed to empowering a more sustainable and efficient future. ABB integrates engineering experience and software technology into a solution to optimize manufacturing, transportation, energy, and operations. With over 130 years of outstanding history, ABB’s approximately 105000 employees worldwide are fully committed to promoting innovation and accelerating industrial transformation. ABB has comprehensive business activities in China, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and engineering services. It has 27 local enterprises and 15000 employees in nearly 130 cities, with online and offline channels covering approximately 700 cities nationwide.

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