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Jun 28, 2023

  Applied Risk enables system integrators to develop and implement cyber resilient systems and networks that meet globally recognised security standards.

  Enabling the secure implementation of industrial systems.

  When implementing technology to increase the efficiency and reliability of Operations Technology (OT) in live production environments, it is critical to address key cyber security considerations before installation.

  Our OT cyber security professionals can assist system integrators to understand, plan and optimise their system layouts to achieve the highest level of cyber resilience in a cost-effective manner. Through our range of solutions, Applied Risk can assist in providing effective staff workshops, advanced training and developing a strong OT cyber security framework, or provide security assurance for a range of industrial technologies, including Industrial IoT enabled facilities.

  Harnessing in-depth knowledge and cross-industry experience, our team is capable of providing guidance at every step of the process. Look below to find solutions which have most effectively assisted our system integrator partners.

OT Cyber Security Framework.

Organisations need to ensure their Operational Technology (OT) holds a robust framework of policies, procedures and guidelines to enhance your cyber security posture and meet best practice cyber security standards such as IEC 62443. Applied Risk translates complex, globally recognised standards and guidance into a comprehensive cyber security framework that fits your specific industry and OT environments.

A tailored cyber security framework to drive long-term resilience.

Applied Risk helps your organisation translate best-practice and globally recognised IEC 62443 standards into a comprehensive cyber security framework, tailored to your production environments. Benefit from a detailed set of policies, procedures and security controls for the advanced protection of your critical operational assets.

An organisation-wide tool for effective security.

Developing an effective OT Cyber Security Framework provides comprehensive guidance for the whole organisation, with guidelines which address topics such as governance, risk management, system development and commissioning, documentation protection, incident response, disaster recovery and more.

We supplement this with detailed advice that sets out how objectives can be achieved in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner. This includes a clear-cut roadmap to implement and maintain controls defined in the new policies and procedures, all the way through to their communication and enforcement.

Contact us today to understand what it takes to implement an effective OT Cyber Security Framework which supports your organisation.

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