Schneider Electric’s fourth quarter green intelligent manufacturing win plan opened



Jun 29, 2023

On June 28, the opening ceremony of the fourth quarter green intelligent manufacturing win-win plan hosted by the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Schneider Electric was held in Beijing. Since the launch of recruitment in April, the fourth quarter Green Intelligent Manufacturing Win win Plan has attracted more than 200 SMEs focusing on high-tech fields to register. According to multi-dimensional standards such as strategic fit, business scale prospects, and progressiveness of product technology, nine enterprises were finally selected into the acceleration camp and four enterprises were selected into the growth camp. Partners such as Zhongke Chuangda, Amazon Cloud Technology, and Tsinghua University Global Industry Research Institute attended the opening ceremony to witness the innovation journey of newly launched enterprises in the new season.

Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric Pang Xingjian, the head of industrial automation business in China, said: “Since 2020, the green intelligent manufacturing win-win plan has been held for four consecutive quarters, attracting more than 570 small and medium-sized enterprises focusing on high-tech fields to register. Nearly 50 enterprises have entered the stage of joint innovation plan, covering 25 industrial scenes, becoming the benchmark of Open innovation in the industry, contributing to the financing development of large and small enterprises and industrial Digital transformation. We look forward to the new enterprises, together with Schneider Electric and partners, in joint innovation In the process, we continuously develop new technologies and applications, win new competitive advantages in new fields and tracks, accelerate the implementation of innovation in industry, and promote the digitization and low-carbon transformation of industries to go deep and practicalMao Tao from the International Cooperation Office of the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated: “At present, China is committed to promoting new industrialization and transforming towards green, intelligent and high-end. The ‘Green Intelligent Manufacturing Win Plan’ closely follows the two major global trends of green and intelligent, and is committed to helping more enterprises enter the ranks of high-end. This year is the third ‘Green Intelligent Manufacturing Win Plan’ jointly held by the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Schneider Electric. We hope to rely on this I Open, innovative and win-win platform, together with Schneider Electric, to empower small and medium-sized enterprises and help them develop in high quality. “
Double camp, work together to create and forge ahead together
This year’s Green Intelligent Manufacturing Winning Plan continues the “dual business model” of acceleration and growth camps, working together to create and embark on a bright future: accelerating the recruitment of small and medium-sized enterprises for external recruitment and jointly creating PoC solutions; The growth camp gathers outstanding acceleration companies from the previous season, focusing on the implementation and scale of PoC joint innovation solutions.

Nine accelerating enterprises have professional technology and strong research and development capabilities in their respective tracks. In the next six months, they will focus on four new application scenarios, including municipal, power, zero trust architecture, logistics, etc., and carry out innovative exploration in emerging technology fields such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and information security, creating industry-leading landing and replicable joint innovation solutions. In addition, this year, a new track focusing on “green and smart supply chain” will be added, and participating enterprises will explore the application of AI technology in the field of green and smart supply chain based on the actual needs of the industry.

At the same time, four companies, Shanghai Jingteng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hongpu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Rediscovery (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Collaborative Innovation Smart Water Co., Ltd., stood out from the previous season’s accelerated operation and formed this year’s growth camp. They will focus on the implementation of joint innovation solutions and focus on the “virtual maintenance system for industrial key equipment” The “Intelligent Analysis and Quality Control System for Cement Clinker Petrography”, “Train Dispatching and Warehouse Management Expert”, and “Sewage Treatment Optimization Control System” are four high potential collaborative projects that integrate real industrial scenarios such as equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, municipal engineering, building materials, and chemical engineering, further optimize the plan, and promote project implementation and large-scale replication.
All-round empowerment: from high-quality joint innovation solutions to large-scale replication

The “Green Intelligent Manufacturing Technological convergence Innovation Expert Committee” and the mentoring group, composed of experts from Schneider Electric, Amazon Cloud Technology, Zhongke Chuangda, and Smart Factory Research Institute, will provide “full life cycle” system planning and support for the enterprises entering the business from market demand research, Technological convergence guidance, achievement implementation, transformation and replication, market expansion and other aspects.

For example, on the track of “Green Smart Supply Chain”, Schneider Electric has been selected into Gartner’s “Top 25 Global Supply Chain” for seven consecutive years and topped this year’s list. It has rich experience and application practice in the field of green smart supply chain, which can provide strong support for enterprises in the business, such as real scenarios, scheme verification, technical guidance, etc.

From the acceleration camp to the growth camp, from focusing on the real needs of the front line, outputting joint innovation solutions, to small-scale replication and marketization, Schneider Electric will carry out all-round empowerment for the enterprises entering the business, combine its rich practice in the field of green intelligent manufacturing, unite with ecosystem partners, users, start-ups, etc., and promote the practice line of “production, learning, research, and use” to work together to promote the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain Joint innovation among large, small and medium-sized enterprises, forming a good innovation ecosystem, and promoting mutual creation and win-win development in depth.

Currently, the technological complexity and integration of innovation activities are constantly increasing, and the research and development of key core technologies often spans multiple fields. Collaborative innovation by enterprises utilizing external resources has become an inevitable choice to promote technological development. In the future, Schneider Electric will cooperate with industry leaders to establish a future industrial innovation alliance, explore around the core pain points of the industry, deeply integrate cutting-edge technology and industrial scenarios, and accelerate the digital and intelligent improvement of the entire green intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. In addition, Schneider Electric will also continue to explore with partners in emerging industries, promote the transformation of innovative achievements, jointly promote the enrichment and growth of China’s green and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, and accelerate the march towards a sustainable future industry.

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