Advantech Releases 2.5-inch Pico-ITX – RSB-3810- Based on MediaTek Genio 1200 Chip for Visual Applications



Jun 29, 2023

Industrial embedded AI solution supplier Advantech has grandly released the RSB-3810, a 2.5-inch Pico-ITX single board computer that uses MediaTek’s flagship chipset, Genio 1200. This solution supports 4.8TOPS high-speed AI inference, while the power is only 8 watts. The product also integrates MediaTek 5G and Wi Fi 6 connections to provide support for Internet of Things applications, including robots and the Industrial internet of things.

Powerful and efficient Computer multitasking performance, suitable for IoT application scenarios

The core of RSB-3810 is the MediaTek Genio 1200 chipset, with a powerful eight core configuration. It uses four advanced Arm Cortex-A78 and four Cortex-A55 processors, all integrated into advanced 6-nanometer chips. Excellent energy efficiency arises from this, and the RSB-3810 has a power of only 8 watts, yet can easily handle computationally intensive workloads. In order to achieve seamless AI operations on devices in deep learning, neural network (NN) acceleration, and machine vision applications, the Genio 1200 chipset integrates a dedicated dual core AI processing unit (APU). This specialized unit can output impressive 4.8 TOPS performance parameters, which also ensures the stable performance of RSB-3810 in AI driven tasks. By effectively offloading tasks from the host CPU, this intelligent architecture achieves a balance between system performance and power consumption.
Seamless image processing with low transmission delay

RSB-3810 includes 3 MIPI-CSI and USB 3.0 ports, excellent camera input, and embedded star level ISP. In this way, vision based intelligent systems can operate effectively even under extremely weak lighting conditions. The RSB-3810 integrates the Mali-G57 chipset and supports H265 4K60 video capture and 4K90 image processing, targeting a wide range of AI application scenarios. In addition, the product can also achieve multi display settings through 1 4Kp60 HDMI and 1 dual channel LVDS.

In terms of connectivity, RSB-3810 provides necessary I/O interfaces for advanced network and peripheral device connections, including one M.2 3052 Key B and one M.2 2230 Key E slot. In this way, the device can seamlessly integrate with MediaTek 5G and Wi Fi 6/BT network modules. In addition, the product is also applicable to the GbE TSN (Time Sensitive Network) protocol, targeting efficient data transmission in monitoring systems and devices. The above characteristics make RSB-3810 an ideal solution for edge computing applications in the Industrial internet of things and monitoring fields.
Flexible operating system and integration of robot oriented software packages

RSB-3810 supports a wide range of operating systems, including Ubuntu and Android, to meet the requirements of different development environments for AI and edge computing applications. Advantech has partnered with Ubuntu parent company Canonical to enhance enterprise level Ubuntu support and provide pre installation and certification services. These measures ensure efficient wireless security updates, allowing developers to focus on core applications while reducing time to market.

For robot development, RSB-3810 seamlessly integrates with ROS2 suite. This software package is based on Advantech’s AIM-Linux embedded software and is customized for robot operating system (ROS) environments. With the addition of MediaTek NeuroPilot SDKs, edge intelligence features have been further enhanced by using APUs within the processor. The high-level software integration of RSB-3810 greatly reduces the time and resources required for robot development, simplifying the development process.
Main features of RSB-3810:

MediaTek Genio 1200, 4-core A78 and 4-core A55, onboard 8GB LPDDR4

HDMI 4k60fps, 1 dual channel 24-bit LVDS

1 x built-in RS-232/422/485, 2 x 1st generation USB 3.2

1 M.2 3052 Key B for 5G scenarios, 1 M.2 2230 Key E slot for Wi Fi 6/BT scenarios

Rugged design: 0~60 ° C/-40~85 ° C/3.5Grms

Post I/O can be extended through the UIO40 Express I/O board

Support for Ubuntu, Android, and ROS2 suites

Advantech AI native product, 2.5-inch Pico-ITX-RSB-3810, has now been launched. Please contact Advantech sales office or official channel 400-001 9088 to learn more. For more information about Advantech Arm’s computing products and services, you can also visit the solutions page.

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