Central Control Technology Helps China’s First 10000 ton New Energy Hydrogen Production Project Successfully Produce Hydrogen



Jul 4, 2023

On June 29, China’s first ten thousand ton new energy hydrogen production project – Narisone 400000 kilowatt photovoltaic hydrogen production demonstration project in Jungar Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia (hereinafter referred to as Narisone photovoltaic hydrogen production project) held a hydrogen production ceremony, and the first party of the project successfully produced “green hydrogen”.

Hydrogen Production Ceremony of Narisson Photovoltaic Hydrogen Production Industry Demonstration Project

Narisong photovoltaic hydrogen production project is the first batch of wind and solar hydrogen production integration demonstration projects in Inner Mongolia, which is jointly constructed by Three Gorges Group and Erdos Manshi Group. It is efficient and closely combined with the two clean energies of solar energy and hydrogen energy, and uses the green electricity generated by solar energy to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen through the Electrolysed water device The new model of zero emission green electricity hydrogen production solves the key problem of electricity balance and consumption in the high proportion of renewable energy grid connection.

In this project, the central control technology provides customers with ECS-700 control system, TCS-900 Safety instrumented system, GDS toxic and harmful gas alarm system and other products. From equipment to software, it fully meets customers’ demands for automatic control and safe production, and realizes the complete business chain of production operation, production safety management, production key information collection and production decision-making, In order to promote the project to achieve the production goal of “reducing costs and increasing efficiency, achieving production with fewer people, unmanned, and intelligent decision-making”, and to ensure the driving of the project.

Completion of Factory Acceptance (FAT) for DCS, GDS, and SIS systems in the central control system

The central control technology ECS-700 control system, TCS-900 Safety instrumented system and GDS toxic and harmful gas alarm system have successfully realized the integrated management capability of the hydrogen production unit. The DCS, GDS, and SIS systems have fully considered the needs of information sharing and collaborative work in hydrogen production plants during their design. Their integrated system structure and series of application software can help users timely obtain production status, production management, and upper level decision-making information, while also collaborating with employees from different departments to reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.

DCS, GDS, and SIS systems have OPC/ODBC and other functions, achieving effective integration with open interfaces for data exchange with information systems, fully meeting the efficiency and reliability requirements of enterprise information systems. At the same time, DCS, GDS, and SIS systems have flexible system structures that support continuous online system expansion, thereby protecting users’ assets and fully ensuring the stable and safe operation of on-site equipment.

The successful hydrogen production of the Narisson photovoltaic hydrogen production project has accumulated valuable experience for the large-scale and commercial development of green electricity hydrogen production in China, helping to improve the overall level of the hydrogen energy “production storage transmission use” industry chain in China, and has typical demonstration significance. This project is also a major breakthrough in the field of new energy for central control technology. In the future, Central Control Technology will increase its investment in research and development, providing solid innovative technology and service support for the low-carbon and green transformation and upgrading of process industries.

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