Pacesetter of “Specialization, Excellence, and Innovation” of Fengtai Technology: Adding “New Momentum” to Digital transformation of Central Enterprises



Jul 4, 2023

Recently, the closed seminar on “Digital transformation and integration of specialized and new enterprises of manufacturing central enterprise chain leaders” jointly sponsored by the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Zhongguancun Development Group as the guiding units, the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area Management Committee as the specially invited guiding unit, and the Conference and Exhibition Department of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, together with Zhongguancun Industrial Research Institute and Beijing Golden Andao Big data Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded, At this meeting, comrades in charge of relevant work of the SASAC were invited, including six central enterprises in the manufacturing industry, including CRRC Group Group, State Machinery Group, China China Poly Group, China South Industries Group, China Tongfu Group and China Energy Construction Equipment Group. As a specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise, Fengtai Technology has been invited to participate in the conference and promote innovation and coordinated development with central enterprise chain leaders, actively promoting the effective connection and coordinated operation of production, supply, and sales in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.
Exploration and Practice of Fengtai Technology Helping Digital transformation of Central Enterprises

Gong Lianghua, general manager of Fengtai Technology, said that industrial security should be made bigger and safer. Fengtai Technology left from a single product and went into manufacturing scenario applications. With security as the starting point, and industrial information security consulting services, industrial information security laboratories, and industrial information security operation centers as the core, it enables users to actually do business, makes industrial security generate value, and helps central enterprise users to Digital transformation and upgrade.

Establish a framework for building an industrial control safety assurance system that covers the entire lifecycle of the system, a maturity model for industrial control safety, and an industrial control safety system. The maturity of industrial control information security in manufacturing enterprises is generally low. Industrial information security consulting services provide specific solutions and implementation plans to identify risks and security risks in industrial enterprise information systems, and help central enterprise users build a set of industrial information security management architecture from the top to bottom from the overall business perspective to achieve proactive, effective, and mature security protection.

Continuously promote the application of industrial information security laboratories. By utilizing technologies such as virtualization, virtual and real interconnection, software defined networks, and digital twins, a large-scale manufacturing simulation and verification scenario is constructed to provide basic support for technological research, development and evaluation, offensive and defensive confrontation, emergency drills, and talent cultivation in the field of industrial information security. At the same time, the barriers to transformation of central enterprises are broken, and adaptability testing and verification of new technologies are carried out on the basis of ensuring network security, Help central enterprise users improve their security capabilities and enable their main businesses in the process of Digital transformation, and smoothly transition to the innovation phase of Digital transformation.

Carry out business system platformization, integrate information, and coordinate security operations. According to the overall development strategy of the country, central enterprise users need to integrate their business systems. With a deep understanding of the industrial industry, Fengtai Technology has established an industrial information security operation center for central enterprise users, solving problems such as “information silos”, “data barriers”, and “resource dispersion”. It has opened up the underlying data of the business system, achieved data connectivity and resource sharing, and supported the digitalization of central enterprise management.At the meeting, Fengtai Technology also discussed with the head of the chain of central enterprises how to build a new ecological environment of the digital economy in the manufacturing industry and drive upstream and downstream enterprises to speed up Digital transformation and other current key topics. Attending guests from central enterprise chain leaders also gave high praise to Fengtai Technology’s innovation and product capabilities from dimensions such as technological iteration and upgrading, product adaptation needs, business model optimization, and market strategy focus. At the same time, based on the application scenarios of their own units, they proposed their intention to cooperate and jointly build an industrial control safety ecosystem to the company.

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