ABB continues to hold the title of ‘Chinese College Students Love Employers’



Jul 5, 2023

Recently, the 2023 annual list of “Chinese College Students Love Employers” selected by authoritative domestic campus employers was released. ABB China, with its outstanding performance in talent attraction, development, and care, as well as its high attention and deep support for young talent cultivation, has been honored on this list for the second consecutive year.

The Top Graduated Employers Selection for Chinese College Students’ Favorite Employers was jointly initiated by 51job and Freshman Job Network. Through a survey of college graduates’ satisfaction, we learned about college students’ job search intentions, career goals, and employer brand preferences. Based on the employer enterprise questionnaire, we selected award-winning enterprises. A total of 140 companies were awarded this honor in this selection, becoming an outstanding benchmark for campus employers in China.

The long-term, rapid, and stable development of ABB’s business in China is the cornerstone of the attractiveness and competitiveness of the employer brand, and the continuous growth of talent provides a source of motivation for the innovative development of the enterprise. From developing a comprehensive talent strategy, creating a healthy and positive work environment, to promoting a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, ABB strives to cultivate a fertile ground for talent development, achieving a win-win situation between talent development and business development.

Creating a safe, just, fair, and inclusive work environment

ABB places the health and safety of its employees at the forefront of all work, making integrity a prerequisite for conducting business, and striving to create a safe, fair, equal, and inclusive work environment. The company continues to promote its corporate health strategy and, on the basis of occupational health management, has launched a series of health projects to enhance happiness and establish resilience, focusing on building a healthy and capable workforce.

To provide more comprehensive care for employees’ mental health, ABB has launched the EAP Employee Assistance Program, which has been used by over 1000 people since its launch in 2021. This year, the company further launched the EAP series of mental health lectures, providing warm psychological companionship and professional psychological guidance for employees and their families.

ABB helps employees gain a better sense of security, belonging, and happiness by providing a comfortable office environment, a comprehensive salary and benefits system, and paid leave. For example, the company has launched a parental leave program for all employees, allowing each parent to have more time with the newborn and providing better support for the family. At the same time, ABB companies around the world have launched a variety of club activities, including fitness, parent-child, reading, photography, art, dance, public welfare, and various ball sports activities, allowing employees to enhance communication, relax, and balance work and life in their spare time.

Establishing and cultivating a diversified and inclusive corporate culture is one of ABB’s important tasks, and it is also the foundation for innovation and optimized decision-making. ABB supports gender equality and diversity, respects and accepts personalized differences, and has launched a “Embrace Equity” themed activity to continuously increase the proportion of female managers, which will be included in the 2030 sustainable development strategy.

Empowering talent for continuous learning and career development

ABB adheres to the corporate values of “courage, care, exploration, and cooperation”, attaches great importance to the development and growth of employees, and supports their career success and career development. In response to the needs of improving management skills and deepening professional skills, ABB has offered a variety of learning courses to meet the personalized learning needs of employees; It has developed a flexible digital learning model, and created a new media learning ecosystem through rich learning resources such as air classrooms, ABB radio, online live broadcast, learning and development of official account.

To help employees broaden their career horizons, ABB has launched the Electrify Your Career platform, which helps employees plan and manage their careers, and calmly face transformation and growth. The company has also implemented an Open Job Market policy internally, empowering employees to create more diverse career development opportunities. As of now, ABB China has more than 200 outstanding talents who have taken on new positions through this policy, truly achieving the goal of “my career is my own”.

ABB also actively responds to China’s innovation driven development and talent strengthening strategy, providing long-term support for the cultivation of young innovative and skilled talents in the field of local electrical and automation. It has cooperated with nearly a thousand universities and provided support for the growth of high-level engineers and skilled talent teams through teacher training, textbook development, co construction of laboratories, and providing scholarships and other forms.

In order to support the cultivation of composite innovative talents and new engineering applied talents, ABB and the China Association of Automation jointly held the ABB Cup Innovation Competition. Over the past 18 years, the competition has been continuously iterated and upgraded, opening up more new tracks and providing online and offline tutoring, communication, and learning resources. The competition has attracted more than 20000 participants in total, which not only enhances students’ thinking and application abilities from theory to practice, but also stimulates the innovation enthusiasm of young talents, forging a new force for industry innovation and development.

In recent years, ABB China’s efforts and achievements in the field of human resources and talent development have been repeatedly recognized by the outside world, such as winning the “Outstanding Employer in Greater China” award from China’s leading human resources media company Hroot in 2021 and 2022, the “2022 China Employer Image Award” from global employer brand leader Youxing Consulting Universum, the “100 Model Employers in China” award from 51job 51job 51job 51job, and the “Learning and Development Model” individual awards, And awarded the title of Diamond Standard Certification Enterprise in the “China Health Workplace Certification” from 2021 to 2022

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