Hand in hand for 25 years, continue to write iron plate friendship! Jointly Building a New Model of Group Level Process Informatization with Jingwei Textile Machinery and Kaimu Software



Jul 5, 2023

Recently, Kaimu Software successfully signed a group level process informatization project with Jingwei Textile Machinery to build a group level integrated, collaborative, standardized, and digital process management platform. Since 1998, warp weft spinning machines have had extensive and in-depth cooperation with Kaimu software. From KMCAD, CAPP, PDM, 3DAST to MPM, Kaimu products and solutions have witnessed the informationization transformation of warp weft spinning machines.

Textile machinery leader, national brand

Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jingwei Textile Machinery”) is a core member of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000666), a backbone enterprise of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Co., Ltd., one of the world’s top 500 companies. For over sixty years, as a leading enterprise in China’s textile machinery industry, “Jingwei Textile Machinery” has become a leading textile machinery brand in the industry, a “China’s business card” in the textile machinery industry, and a leader in the development of cotton textile and spinning equipment. It also has great influence in the global textile machinery industry.

The company has a long history and profound professional accumulation, and its original intention remains unchanged. For decades, it has been focusing on textile machinery, covering products such as spinning, weaving, twisting, chemical fiber machinery, and textile machinery components. Among them, the full process intelligent spinning system and digital twisting system have reached world-class levels.

Hand in hand for 25 years, long-term win-win situation

In 1998, preliminary cooperation was established between warp and weft spinning machines and opening software in fields such as CAD and CAPP, which provided significant assistance to enterprises in improving product design and process planning efficiency, and also achieved significant application results.

In 2014, Jingwei Textile Machinery signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kaimu Software, and successively launched the implementation of design process informatization projects for subordinate enterprises such as Qingdao Hongda, Shenyang Hongda, and Yichang Jingwei. By introducing Kaimu CAPP/PDM system, the process design and management level of each subordinate unit was further improved, a typical process knowledge base was established, information sharing was achieved, and process innovation capabilities were stimulated.

In 2022, Kaimu Software successfully accepted the MPM project implemented by its subsidiary Jingwei Intelligent Textile Machinery Company. Based on Kaimu’s structured process management system, it helped the enterprise achieve centralized and unified process business, collaborative data management, and refined management, providing effective support for building a “smart factory” for the enterprise. The professional ability and dedication of the Kaimu team have also been highly recognized by the enterprise!

Responding to national strategies and strengthening digital processes

The “14th Five Year Plan for the Development of the Textile Industry” requires the realization of advanced industrial foundation, modernization of industrial chains, and high-end manufacturing capabilities. Jingwei Textile Machinery closely follows the pulse of the development of the times, focusing on “strengthening and optimizing the textile machinery industry” as the core, committed to technological innovation and product progress, continuously promoting information technology strategy, deepening the application of information technology in product research and development management, and improving the level of intelligent manufacturing.

The informatization of Jingwei Textile Machinery started early. Since 2012, the group has successively implemented management systems such as PLM/MES/SRM/ERP/CRM, achieving integrated management of group production, supply, sales, human resources, finance, and finance. As a key bridge between design and production, process informatization is deployed and managed by various subordinate enterprises themselves. Different enterprises have applied different process informatization platforms, resulting in information silos within the group. Not only does it lack unified process standards, but it is also difficult to communicate data with upstream and downstream design, manufacturing, and various business systems.

In order to implement the national development plan, the localization transformation of Xinchuang, and the overall strategic layout of the company, and in accordance with the development goal of “accelerating the transformation of the company from traditional manufacturing enterprises to service manufacturing and digital technology enterprises”, Jingwei Textile Machinery has implemented and promoted the “three-year (rolling) process planning”. It is proposed to build a group level process information management platform, promote the application of process data, and improve the company’s core competitiveness.

Sign another contract and cast a benchmark

With solid technical strength in the field of process innovation, a pragmatic and collaborative team spirit, and good implementation results in the early stage, Kaimu once again stands out from many suppliers and collaborates with Jingwei Textile Machinery to build this group level process informatization project. At the same time, Qingdao Hongda will be used as a pilot verification to determine the basic template and accumulate experience for the promotion and application of other subsidiaries.

This project will construct a group level digital process platform from the perspective of an integrated and scalable system, focusing on BOM management, structured process management, process route management, diagram document management, process design and simulation, project management, collaborative change management, and other businesses to improve the efficiency of enterprise product process design and product reliability.

At the same time, the project will also promote the construction of process standardization and standardization, establish an enterprise process resource library, and achieve the integrity, accuracy, uniqueness, and timeliness of process data; By integrating with PLM, MES, ERP and other systems, we break information silos, achieve fully automated digital management of data flow, support information management throughout the entire product process, and improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.At first sight, it’s better not to get tired of staying together for a long time. 25 years of working together are enough to confirm the full recognition and trust of warp and weft spinning machines in Kaimu software. The “iron plate” friendship between the eye opening software and Jingwei Textile Machinery is believed to enable Jingwei Textile Machinery to march forward again under the wave of Digital transformation. Kaimu Software will also use profound industrial software technology to help warp and weft spinning machines achieve technological innovation and quickly transform into digital technology enterprises.

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