Siemens Hu Jianjun: Carbon footprint needs chain reaction



Jul 10, 2023

On July 6th, the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) was held in Shanghai. During the conference, Hu Jianjun, Vice President and Chief Network and Information Security Officer of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., was invited to participate in the Intelligent Trends Forum with the theme of “Intelligent Assistance and Dual Carbon Traceability”, which is one of the WAIC industry sub forums.

In the keynote speech and round table discussion, Hu Jianjun made a wonderful introduction around the topic of scientific and technological innovation accelerating green, low-carbon and high-quality development. He believed that the primary key to accurate calculation of Carbon footprint was the “scale”. In the flexible production workshop, due to the variety of products produced by the assembly line, the traditional manual calculation method could not meet the demand for accurate calculation of Carbon footprint. In order to effectively and accurately calculate the Carbon footprint in the flexible production process, an accurate “scale” is needed. Only when the “scale” is accurate can we obtain real and reliable carbon emission data and continue to promote various carbon reduction initiatives. At the same time, green and low-carbon development must be a chain reaction, and relying solely on the power of a single enterprise or leading enterprise is far from enough. It is necessary to leverage multiple forces, including the government, certification agencies, and enterprises, to jointly promote green and low-carbon development and create a healthy and healthy low-carbon ecosystem. In addition, enterprises of different sizes face different problems and needs in the process of green and low-carbon development, so the Carbon footprint also needs to “divide and conquer”.
Excerpt of speech points:

Accelerating the green development of industry is the trend to promote global sustainable development, and digital low-carbon is the core strategy to promote green, low-carbon, and high-quality development; At present, the domestic 1+N policy system, green manufacturing, and overseas markets including the EU have put forward a clear demand for Carbon footprint; More and more enterprises are taking green and low-carbon development as one of their core strategies to create new green competitiveness.

The Carbon footprint needs to run through the whole value chain. Leading enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial chain are facing green and low-carbon transformation.

The core of green and low-carbon transformation is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises with technology, especially technology inclusive, to address the challenges of time, cost, and other aspects in the transformation.

SiGREEN and Carbon footprint series SaaS services, with the help of scientific and technological innovation, help enterprises find out their own “carbon home”, gradually build their own carbon management capabilities, and thus specify carbon reduction strategies.

SiGREEN uses innovative technologies such as energy management, industrial edge computing and digital experience accumulated in the production process to accurately calculate and trace the carbon emission data of industrial products in the production and manufacturing process.

SiGREEN applies blockchain technology to build an encrypted Web of trust to achieve reliable and secure exchange and sharing of carbon emission data in the value chain, and works with partners and suppliers to create a low-carbon ecosystem throughout the chain, enabling the industry to achieve green and low-carbon transformation.

SiGREEN relies on digital twin/carbon twin technology to achieve digital simulation of the entire lifecycle of products from raw and auxiliary materials to production and manufacturing.

How to “divide and conquer” the green and low-carbon development of small and medium-sized enterprises?

Siemens launched Carbon footprint series SaaS services for SMEs, including free entry services and paid selection services, to help them achieve the breakthrough of low-carbon transformation “from zero to one”. Small and medium-sized enterprises can register and use the open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator.

The product Carbon footprint series SaaS service can meet the carbon emission self inspection needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. After successful registration, enterprises can enjoy the product Carbon footprint introduction service for 90 days of free trial, meeting the needs of enterprises’ online Carbon footprint modeling support, online quick estimation of product Carbon footprint, online product Carbon footprint analysis report generation, and default mainstream carbon emission factor library.

At the same time, enterprises can pay for Carbon footprint selection services, import and export product carbon information in batches, complete the generation and export of carbon inventory reports, use more industry carbon emission factor databases, and obtain online product technical guidance from industry experts. The Carbon footprint selection service achieves the docking with the online verification and certification of mainstream certification bodies. After completing their own assessment, enterprises can seamlessly carry out online carbon verification and obtain certification, which will be more efficient, convenient and cost-effective to meet their own comprehensive product carbon management and disclosure needs.

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