AVEVA Jianwei software enables Topsoe to accelerate the development of global green Hydrogen economy



Jul 11, 2023

AVEVA Jianwei Software has recently reached a partnership with Topsoe, a global leader in carbon reduction technology, to help it quickly develop decarbonization solutions for manufacturing green hydrogen and other carbon neutral fuels.

Topsoe will rely on AVEVA Process Simulation to model its Solid Oxide Electrolytic Cells (SOECs) to optimize its design and develop control strategies.

Accelerate the development of global green Hydrogen economy

Lifting weights like “hydrogen” to achieve rapid decarbonization

In order to achieve the global net zero emission target, rapid decarbonization is essential for all industries. Heavy transportation industries such as shipping and aviation, as well as carbon intensive industries such as steel manufacturing and petrochemical production, are often considered difficult to reduce emissions.

How to address the carbon reduction challenges of these industries? Finding carbon free alternatives to replace fossil fuels is the first step in action.

The use of Topsoe’s efficient SOEC electrolyzers can produce the green hydrogen energy required by many carbon intensive industries, thereby achieving decarbonization. AVEVA Process Simulation, with its flexibility, open modeling capabilities, and ease of use, empowers Topsoe engineers to design and optimize their electrolyzers in a faster and more efficient manner, thereby accelerating energy transformation.

Accelerate the development of global green Hydrogen economy

Technological support endows hydrogen with new power

Topsoe is a long-term customer of AVEVA Jianwei Software and has been using AVEVA PRO/II Simulation (formerly known as PRO/II) and AVEVA Dynamic Simulation (formerly known as DYNSIM) for decades. Now, with the global push for net zero emissions stimulating demand for green energy products, Topsoe is adopting AVEVA Process Simulation to support its engineers in designing sustainable solutions.

Poul George Moses, Chief Technical Officer of Topsoe’s Power to X Division, stated: Green hydrogen energy is crucial for achieving decarbonization in industries that are difficult to easily achieve electrification. To achieve the global net zero emissions target, we need to race against time. By building the world’s largest SOEC electrolytic cell production facility, we can provide diversified power conversion solutions based on green hydrogen energy technology on an industrial scale. Topsoe has taken the lead in the industry. AVEVA Process Simulation is revolutionary for us Tools for. With its Dynamic simulation capabilities, we are breaking through bottlenecks and accelerating the development of solutions. “

Tobias Scheele, Senior Vice President of AVEVA Jianwei Software Products, said, “With the development of the diversified power conversion industry, we are pleased to deepen our partnership with Topsoe. The success of energy transformation will depend on how quickly and on how scale each industry can provide low-carbon solutions. AVEVA Process Simulation can shorten engineering cycles, allowing innovation to quickly implement and reduce carbon emissions

Lisa Wee, Global Sustainable Development Director of AVEVA Jianwei Software, said, “AVEVA Jianwei Software is committed to working with customers to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all through technology. We recognize that the choices and actions made by global industry over the past decade will have an impact on current and future generations. We are pleased to be able to accelerate energy transformation through our software and Topsoe’s innovative technologies

Accelerate the development of global green Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen “Listening to Sustainable Sword Points to a New Future

As Cui Jingyi, general manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software China, said, “Hydrogen is becoming one of the important carriers of global energy transformation and development, and is also an important way to promote China’s energy production and consumption revolution, build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and achieve the goal of” carbon peaking, carbon neutrality. “Digital transformation plays an important role in accelerating the development of hydrogen, promoting the transformation of traditional energy.”

AVEVA Jianwei software combines human insight with information technology and artificial intelligence, helping teams efficiently carry out engineering design and optimize operations, continuously empowering innovation, agility, and collaboration, and continuously driving the hydrogen energy industry towards a sustainable and people-oriented future.
Insight and Digital Development Report on China’s Hydrogen Energy Industry

Over the years, AVEVA Jianwei Software has always been committed to promoting Digital transformation and practicing sustainable development, and has maintained cutting-edge observation to bring profound insights to the industry. A few days ago, AVEVA Jianwei Software and Process Industry jointly wrote the Report on Insight and Digital Development of China’s Hydrogen Energy Industry, which analyzes the development status and future trends of the global hydrogen energy industry, deeply analyzes the technical layout and future development of the industrial chain, and discusses how digital twin technology can enable the implementation of hydrogen energy projects with low cost, high reliability and high utilization rate from the perspective of Digital transformation.

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