ABB launches a new AFC contactor, boosting the development of digital intelligence in the industry



Jul 12, 2023

Excellent making and breaking capabilities provide more motor starting options.

More durable electrical life, ensuring safe operation of the escort motor.

The compact modular design eliminates the need for additional width, making installation and maintenance more flexible and convenient.

Against the backdrop of the deep integration of digital technology and low-carbon development, the industrial manufacturing industry is ushering in a new wave of intelligent transformation and upgrading, which requires high-performance and highly applicable automation control equipment as support. In the face of the industry innovation demand for smart manufacturing, ABB AFC contactors have emerged, which combine higher energy efficiency, stronger compatibility, and higher safety, bringing more lasting and reassuring protection for motor operation.
Longer service life, supporting the safe operation of the motor

AFC contactors have excellent making and breaking capabilities, which can support efficient motors and provide users with more motor starting options. This contactor has a wide range of applications, capable of supporting AC motors with a maximum current of 96 A and a control power of 45 kW, and meets the AC-3 category standard. In addition, AFC also has a longer electrical lifespan, such as the AFC52 contactor, which has an AC-3 lifespan of up to 1.3 million times, ensuring that the motor receives more reliable and long-lasting protection.
High security, suitable for various complex environments

The transformation and upgrading of industrial automation have a high demand for the safety of equipment, so users should choose suitable thermal overload relays or electronic overload relays to effectively protect the motor from overload and phase failure. At the same time, AFC contactors can meet applications in complex environments, and their newly added dust cover design can effectively improve the reliability of equipment operation in dust, outdoor and other environments.

Compact modular design makes installation and maintenance more convenient

As an extension of ABB AF series contactors, AFC contactors adopt a compact modular design that only requires mechanical or electrical interlocking embedded, without the need for additional width increase. The AFC contactor has the same size as the AF series contactor, and can use the same common circuit design to meet various applications. There is no need for additional design of structure and size during installation, making installation and maintenance more convenient and flexible.

Flexible access method, saving assembly time

AFC contactors provide flexible access to coil terminals and surge suppressors, which can be accessed from the top, bottom, or front, and surge suppressors can be installed from the top or bottom. In addition, the AFC contactor also provides a plug-in spring terminal version, making wiring more convenient and reliable. The new AFC contactor is suitable for various common applications, and its compatible and easy-to-use accessories and connection devices can meet the needs of various motor starting methods, while also saving assembly time.

On the basis of high performance, the new AFC contactor enhances flexibility and practicality. At the same time, this series of products also comply with many mainstream international standards and certifications, such as CCC certification (China Compulsory Certificate), UL certification (Underwriters Laboratories), LR, DNV, BV and other mainstream classification society certification, which enables it to be used in many countries. In addition, the use of AFC contactors has a comprehensive service guarantee, and with the support of ABB’s global service network, users can enjoy a one-stop worry free experience no matter where they are.

Yang Rong, Vice President of ABB Electric China, said, “The new AFC contactor not only continues the safety and reliability advantages of ABB contactor products, but also iteratively upgrades in performance, quality, and design applications. While meeting diverse application scenarios, it provides users with more flexible, convenient, and practical solutions, accelerating the digital development of the industry

Starting from July, ABB Electric will hold online recommendation meetings for traditional mechanical industry product solutions and AFC product portfolio solutions in multiple parts of the country, deeply sharing the practicality of AFC product portfolio under different needs, jointly exploring the transformation and upgrading mode of industrial manufacturing industry, and empowering a more sustainable and efficient electrification future.

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