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Jul 14, 2023

Experience unexpected things

Expeditionary cruise ships aim to provide guests with a unique experience. These ships operate in remote areas and provide limited services and support. The ship is equipped with integrated control and energy systems from Compaq, ensuring operability, so owners and operators can focus their attention on the guests.

The Compaq Expedition Cruiser Solution is built on an interconnected control system and distribution boards with advanced energy management capabilities, all of which have built-in remote diagnosis and support capabilities.

The integrated bridge system combines all manual and automatic control functions and provides advanced maneuvering functions for navigators, designed specifically for maneuvering in narrow waters and during replenishment operations.

The highly scalable automation system, combined with digital switches and energy management systems, provides sufficient flexibility for the use of energy carriers, supporting the integration of dual fuel and gas power engines, as well as fuel cells and batteries, in order to achieve hybrid or emission free operation in fragile environments.

Focusing on the safety of passengers, it provides a flexible Safety management system so that the crew can fully understand any situation on board.

Advanced radar processing

The most advanced radar display can simultaneously compile radar mosaics from four different radar sources, providing a complete overview of the surrounding environment. X band and S band radars are integrated with near-field continuous wave radar to provide small target detection, ice navigation and wave measurement.

The new situational awareness displays layered navigation maps and radar images with AIS data, with cameras and laser scanners generating 3D patterns of the surrounding environment. Track, classify, and present objects based on predicted risks.

The omnidirectional sonar displayed in radar and chart display can be used to navigate, detect ice or moving sandbars in poorly charted waters. A forward looking or retractable hull device that can be installed as a bow.

The advanced control system combines the direct lever control of the propeller, propeller and Rudder#Aircraft rudders with the semi-automatic functions of the joystick, autopilot with crab angle control, speed pilot, and full automatic functions such as position keeping, automatic docking, and collision avoidance. All of these have built-in backup control and override functions, allowing the operator to maintain control.

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