Embracing the wave of green cycle, Omron appeared at the 2023 Shanghai Electronics Fair in Munich with a variety of innovative applications and solutions



Jul 14, 2023

On July 11th, 2023, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition (Electronic China) grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Omron, an expert in Digital transformation in the field of global automation, made a heavy debut with a number of innovative applications and solutions driven by the core technology of “sensing&control+thinking” (booth: 5.2H-D124), and talked with all parties about the green and low-carbon future of the electronic industry.

As a major event of the year for the electronics industry exhibition, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition brings together leading domestic and foreign enterprises, providing an innovative technology exchange platform for the global electronics industry. During the exhibition period (July 11-13, 2023), various parties will engage in professional dialogues around popular application markets and rapidly developing industries such as semiconductors, passive devices, intelligent connected and new energy vehicles, sensors, connectors, switches, wiring harnesses and cables, power supplies, testing and measurement, printed circuit boards, electronic manufacturing services, and advanced manufacturing, to jointly witness the new trends in the global electronic industry development.

“As the Weather vane of Asian electronic manufacturing industry, Omron can show the latest technologies and solutions that can be applied to many business fields to leading enterprises and professionals in the electronic industry from all over the world by virtue of this grand event,” said Zhang Li, director and general manager of Omron Electronic Parts Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, “As one of the core businesses of Omron Group, the device and module solutions business has always practiced the concept of driving a sustainable and efficient future with technological innovation. Based on the concept of sustainable development, in the future, Omron’s device and module solutions business will continue to provide pioneering products and solutions in the field of electronic components business with the goal of ‘helping popularize new energy and high-speed communication’, and help solve social problems with practice.”Omron set up three theme exhibition areas, namely, “Low Carbon New Era”, “Smart New Factory” and “5G/6G New Technology”, to show the audience that it has actively implemented the corporate strategic plan “Shaping the Future 2030” to help “achieve carbon neutrality”, “achieve a digital society” and other goals, as well as the in-depth exploration of continuing to promote the goal of “popularizing new energy and high-speed communication” in the electronics industry.

Integrating Life and Travel Scenarios to Create a Low Carbon New Era

In the exhibition area of “Low Carbon New Era”, Omron presented its strong technical strength in reliable connection and safe cut-off functions, and fully demonstrated its continuous investment in enabling social sustainable development by combining with the two application scenarios of low-carbon life and safe travel:

In terms of low-carbon life, in order to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of equipment and fully extend the service life of equipment, Omron has launched a variety of applications of electronic components and modules such as relays, switches, connectors, sensors, etc., such as lighting control equipment, household electric tools/Garden tool, electronic game equipment, and intelligent control system of new domestic energy.

In terms of safe travel, in order to meet the high requirements of the rapid development of new energy vehicles on the performance of on-board relays and switches, Omron provides products with high quality and special design structure, covering a variety of applications such as car body control modules, fuse boxes, etc., to ensure safe travel of cars.

Building a smart new factory to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

In the exhibition area of “Smart New Factory”, Omron demonstrated its innovative advantages of relying on product miniaturization and stable performance, and a series of innovative application solutions applied to PLC (Programmable logic controller), industrial robots and CNC machine tools to achieve efficient and accurate operation of automatic intelligent equipment. In recent years, the application of electronic components has gradually tended to miniaturization and rapid iterative updating. Omron has made unremitting exploration in the design and performance optimization of electronic component inspection devices and automatic production line inspection equipment, which provides strong support for accelerating the transformation of industrial digital intelligence, further reducing enterprise operating costs, and achieving win-win situation.

Developing 5G/6G new technologies to empower the field of high-speed communication

In the era of digital economy, mobile communication networks have become a key information infrastructure for building the driving force of social development. With “high-speed communication” as one of the key areas of development in the Chinese market, Omron devices and module solutions have been providing competitive solutions for high-frequency high-speed communication and efficient data transmission equipment, making contributions to equipment miniaturization, long life and high quality. The application solutions exhibited in the “5G/6G New Technology” exhibition area, including IC testing systems, circuit electrical testers, module component testing equipment, and portable device testing equipment, can help customers effectively improve testing efficiency and accuracy. In addition, Omron has also brought many innovative technologies and products to digital infrastructure fields such as data centers.

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