ABB Robotics China Value Provider Conference Successfully Held: Building Good Cooperation and Driving System Competitiveness



Jul 20, 2023

Under the dual pressure of global labor shortage and manufacturing transformation and upgrading, industrial enterprises have adopted automated production, utilizing advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology to improve production efficiency and flexible production capacity. In recent years, the robot industry has developed rapidly. Affected by the development of artificial intelligence, new generation information technology, advanced material technology and other technologies, the scope of robot application and development has been deepening, and has become an important driving force to promote the Digital transformation of the economy and society.

From July 12th to 14th, 2023, the ABB Robotics China Value Providers Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. This grand event is marked by a “surge in cohesion

The theme of “Breaking, Seeking Far and Win Win” is not only a gathering that has been waiting for three years, but also a grand event to paint the future.

Ma Sikang, Global President of ABB Robotics Business Unit, Luo Jing, Interim Head and Financial Director of ABB Robotics Business Unit in China, Marina Bill, Global Head of ABB Robotics Market and Sales, Chairman of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Wang Tong, Market and Sales Head and Consumer Goods and Services Robotics Head of ABB Robotics in China Professor Xu Feng, Acting Director of ABB Robotics China R&D Platform and Global R&D Capability Management, and Professor Zhang Anyuan, Director of the China Chief Economist Forum, delivered keynote speeches respectively, and together with representatives of numerous channel partners on site, they sought innovative development and higher breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and robotics technology.

The event showcased the latest development strategy and achievements of ABB Robotics through keynote speeches, new product launches, technical lectures, and factory visits

The development achievements of technological innovation in China and the innovative technologies and solutions required to accelerate digital and intelligent transformation are also significant

Provide useful references for the same industry and various enterprises in top-level planning, route formulation, and implementation, and work together with the entire industry chain

Create a high-quality and sustainable development ecosystem.

At present, the global robot industry is in a critical period of uncertain pattern, a window period of scale expansion, and an opportunity to seize the dominant position

Period. The current competition may seem like platform and supply chain competition, but in reality, the competition in the future robotics industry will revolve around the “system

Competitiveness. Innovation is one of the main driving forces and important strategies for ABB robots, and we have been searching for partners

New ways of cooperation, promoting digital and intelligent transformation through innovative business models, and systematically building a good cooperative atmosphere,

Strengthen the competitiveness of the system.

For the robot market, ABB sees the opportunity to further support Chinese customers and expand market share through global experience. The robot Ultimate Factories officially put into operation in 2022 is the most advanced, flexible and automated robot factory in the world, and also an important milestone for ABB’s development in China. At this conference, customers and partners from all walks of life were invited to visit the factory, experiencing ABB’s advanced technology and strong strength as a leader in the field of robot automation up close.

ABB Robot Ultimate Factories connects the real world with the digital world, creates a digital manufacturing ecosystem, uses virtual planning and production management systems, and improves performance and productivity by collecting and analyzing data. The new factory abandons the traditional and fixed Assembly line and replaces it with flexible and modular production units. It realizes digital interconnection and is serviced by capable autonomous mobile robots. In the future, ABB Robotics will leverage greater production capacity, more advanced and flexible manufacturing to serve the Chinese robot market, and progress will radiate to the Asia Pacific region.In the future, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with various value providers and maintaining innovative development. ABB Robotics will continue to be committed to innovation and deep application, working together with channel partners to better serve the automation and intelligence needs of various fields.

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