Huichuan Technology Helps the World’s First 16MW Wind Turbine Connected to the Grid for Power Generation



Aug 23, 2023

On July 19th, the world’s first 16MW high-power wind turbine, jointly developed by Goldwind Technology and Three Gorges Group, was successfully connected to the grid for power generation at the Fujian offshore wind farm. This unit is currently the largest single unit capacity, largest impeller diameter, and lightest unit megawatt offshore wind turbine that has been put into operation worldwide. It has been listed on the “2022 Top Ten Major Power Equipment” list on the website of the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, marking a new level of research, development, manufacturing, and operation capabilities for China’s offshore wind turbine large capacity units, reaching an international leading level. Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huichuan Technology”) provides the PD802 PLUS high-power pitch driver and MD810 yaw frequency converter for the unit, which also marks that Huichuan Technology has reached the world’s advanced level in the field of wind turbine pitch and yaw core component technology, demonstrating its spirit of continuously creating value for customers and outstanding innovation ability.

According to official information released by China Three Gorges, the unit produces over 66 million kilowatt hours of “green electricity” per year. Under rated operating conditions, this 16 megawatt offshore wind turbine can generate 34.2 kilowatt hours of electricity per revolution, with an annual power generation capacity of over 66 million kilowatt hours, which can meet the daily electricity needs of 36000 households of three for one year.

Fujian Offshore Wind Farm

In order to meet the “large-scale” and “far-reaching” needs of offshore wind turbines, Huichuan Technology released the PD802 PLUS high-power variable pitch drive in October 2021 and obtained the first functional safety certification for wind turbine variable pitch drives in China in May 2022. This certification is the highest level of functional safety international certification for wind turbine variable pitch systems, This marks that the safety level of the pitch system equipped with Huichuan Technology PD802 PLUS wind power pitch driver can reach SIL3 and PLe levels, filling the gap of domestic brands in the field of high-power drives. In July 2022, the PD802 PLUS wind turbine pitch driver began to be widely used in multiple offshore wind turbine models.

The rated output current of the PD802 PLUS pitch driver is 80A, and the overload current is 300A/3S. It adopts a C5M anti-corrosion grade design, which can not only meet the extreme load working scenarios under strong wind conditions, but also adapt to the highly corrosive working environment of offshore operations. The standard bus communication interface of PD802 PLUS pitch driver is suitable for dual drive schemes and can meet the application requirements of 6MW to 20MW units.

Huichuan Technology PD802 PLUS High Power Pitch Driver

The Jinfeng 16MW unit adopts the multi transmission drive scheme of Huichuan MD810 intelligent yaw frequency converter with a common DC bus. This plan has the following characteristics:

Protective bearing – motor synchronous control, load balancing, backlash compensation logic

Anti typhoon and cost reduction – reduces starting current by 50% and reduces backup power supply power

Redundant design – master slave redundancy, communication+DI control redundancy, ensuring anti yaw requirements

Electromagnetic damping – reduces hydraulic brake wear and reduces maintenance costs

Intelligent monitoring – Real time monitoring of the operation status of each motor to assist intelligent fans

Huichuan Technology MD810 Yaw Frequency Converter

With years of cultivation in the wind power industry, Huichuan Technology has provided intelligent pitch and yaw system solutions and products for over 100GW of wind turbines. In order to achieve independent and controllable core components of China’s wind power equipment, Huichuan Technology will continue to promote technological innovation and assist China’s offshore wind power in advancing towards high-power and far-reaching seas.

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