Weidmuller OMNIMATE ® 4.0 Connector – Booster for Improving Device Design Efficiency



Aug 23, 2023

Modular systems with almost infinite combination options

Only one connector is required for power, signal, and data transmission

SNAP IN squirrel cage connection technology

Configuration of Weidmuller WMC software and web pages

Delivery within one week

Achieving high efficiency and flexibility in device connectivity

Single connector meets power, signal, and data transmission requirements

In today’s interconnected world, highly complex electrical equipment is required, and the requirements for electrical equipment manufacturing are also increasing. Weidmuller OMNIMATE ® 4.0 connectors provide a consistent and efficient solution for connecting systems, enabling devices and their development to face the future Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

OMNIMATE ® 4.0 combines rapid connection technology SNAP IN, a modular and configurable product design for hybrid interfaces, with a single product delivered in 3 days.

OMNIMATE 4.0 combines SNAP IN’s fast connection technology, with a modular and configurable product design that facilitates the integration of multiple interfaces. Customized products can be delivered within a week.

The product design consisting of individual sheet shaped basic components provides users with a wide range of combination solutions, such as using a single connector to achieve power, signal, and data transmission. With the help of SNAP IN connection technology, flexible thin wires can also be directly connected without the need for crimping tubular ends. When the product is delivered, the connection point is already in a waiting state for wiring, so safe wiring can be achieved in a short period of time. Make OMNIMATE ® 4.0 can meet the needs of industrial and automated wiring that can be connected through a robotic arm. The corresponding socket has high precision and automation compatible packaging, suitable for wave soldering and reflow soldering processes.

OMNIMATE ® 4.0 Connector can be wired through a robotic arm

With the innovative SNAP IN connection system, connectors can be quickly and tool free for wiring, even in fully automatic wiring processes

From power supply to Ethernet – only one connector required

OMNIMATE ® The 4.0 PCB connector product series can be used for power and signal transmission, and has obtained all certifications related to IEC 61984 and UL 1059 industrial applications. Similarly, a single pair Ethernet data transmission independent module that complies with the IEC 63171-2 standard has been integrated. This means that a hybrid combination of fast SNAP IN connections and future oriented SPE data transmission can be implemented as needed, for example, for motor connections.

Hybrid OMNIMATE ® 4.0 Connector

OMNIMATE ® The modular product design of 4.0 can achieve power, signal, and data transmission in a single connector, including single pair Ethernet

Tailored to simplify engineering design

OMNIMATE ® 4.0 provides a digital product configuration platform that can quickly create unique customized products from countless possible combinations. This can be achieved in two ways: on the one hand, it is part of the freely downloadable Weidmuller WMC software, allowing configuration creation based on over 12000 Weidmuller products. In addition, OMNIMATE can be configured online through the new easyConnect service platform ® 4.0 Connector. The online version provides all functions, allowing users to quickly and easily configure the system without downloading or installing. The individual configuration of the module always complies with IEC 61984 and UL 1059 standards. As needed, personalized printing and color printing requirements can be entered in the configuration platform. And further relevant engineering data required for the design diagram can be immediately downloaded. In this way, technical data, drawings, 3D models, and PCB wiring data (EDA data) can be utilized to support and accelerate development activities. In addition to fast and easy digital design, WMC software also simplifies product procurement. For example, users can choose to request a separate quote or book free product samples through a 72 hour sample service. For bulk orders, they can also directly transfer the required products to the Weidmuller online store and order from there.

Except for OMNIMATE ® In addition to the 4.0 digital configuration platform, Weidmuller OMNIMATE ® The service further provides support for every step of device development. From obtaining information with the help of technical white papers, to recommending specific application products in the AppGuide application guide, and to operation videos that can be directly accessed through QR code scanning on the product.

In addition to ultra fast connection technology, simple configuration, and customized services, rapid product delivery is equally important in the development process. In short, OMNIMATE ® 4.0 is a commercial booster for accelerating equipment design efficiency.

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