Winning again, Delta’s energy management system further enhances energy efficiency



Aug 28, 2023

On August 18th, good news came

Delta Cloud Smart Energy Management System

With excellent and continuous energy-saving optimization capabilities

Won praise from the judging panel

Received the “2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Jung Technology Innovation Award”

1、 Management Data System Analysis

As a management software for monitoring device energy consumption

This system can directly collect energy usage data of equipment

Systematic analysis of data

Discovering abnormal energy consumption and energy-saving space

Provide methods to improve the energy consumption structure

2、 Develop strategies to improve efficiency

On the basis of analyzing and evaluating data

The system can also assist management personnel

By continuously optimizing the operational efficiency of equipment

Improve production processes and develop energy management strategies

To achieve the goal of improving energy efficiency

3、 Combined with AI iterative optimization

The system applies big data analysis technology and imports AI data algorithms

Substitute people to develop energy-saving strategies

Through real-time information feedback

Automatically adjust the details of energy use

No need for human intervention

Continuous iterative optimization for energy conservation can be achieved

As a system aimed at energy conservation and carbon reduction

Delta Cloud Smart Energy Management System

Significant results have been achieved in the renovation practice

Applied to energy-saving water pumps in large factories

Automation transformation and equipment monitoring of the cooling water system

Collect data on inlet and outlet water temperature, pipeline pressure, energy consumption, etc

Directly upload to cloud server

Automatically convert to visual charts

Managers can conduct real-time monitoring and management through the cloud

Manage in the cloud, make intelligence more energy-efficient

A cloud based energy management system that combines advanced technology

Has helped numerous industrial enterprises

In the process of promoting green manufacturing in industrial enterprises


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