Baikalai Precision Automation Unleashes the Value of High Quality Development in the Manufacturing Industry



Sep 1, 2023

On August 29th, the annual ABB Baikalai Machine Intelligence and Innovation Forum (MIIF) was held in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. This year, MIIF focused on “precision automation to promote high-quality development”, gathered industry users, and jointly explored the innovation path of equipment manufacturing industry in engineering technology, services, and enterprise operations.

The Core and Connotation of Precision Automation

In the opening speech, Dr. Xiao Weirong, President of Baccarat Greater China, stated that the gathering of Baccarat MIIF two years later has brought about significant changes in the domestic and international situation. As China’s economy enters a stage of high-quality development, today’s manufacturing in China is also undergoing tremendous changes, with production methods moving towards high-end and personalized; The production mode has higher added value; Simultaneously moving towards sustainable development.

To this end, Baccarat focuses on precision automation, returning Chinese manufacturing to its essence and becoming more competitive. Baikalai Precision Automation uses digital technology to make machines smarter. Through multiple means such as data collection, communication connectivity, mechanism modeling, learning models, judgment and decision-making, and on-site execution, it is supplemented by service innovation and ecosystem innovation, and reaches a consensus on technological innovation with more industry partners, unifying understanding and cognition of manufacturing innovation.

Dr. Xiao Weirong, President of Baccarat Greater China

Joerg Theis, the global CEO of Baccarat, further shared through remote video that Baccarat is committed to working with its manufacturing partners in China to promote high-quality development in manufacturing through collaborative innovation.

Joerg Theis, Global CEO of Baccarat

Franz Enhuber, Dean of the Baccarat School of Automation, delivered a keynote speech titled “Precision Automation, Promoting High Quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry”. He stated that digitization encompasses the transformation of manufacturing and automation at all levels, achieving precise and automated production, including microsecond level time precision, repetitive positioning and process control, predictive maintenance mechanisms, etc;

At the same time, in Industry 4.0, open-loop control will shift to closed-loop control and require the establishment of a data link from sensors/actuators to the cloud. The Industrial Internet of Things and digital factories also have higher demands for expanding computing power and storage. In the process of rapidly advancing the manufacturing industry to Industry 4.0, digitization has become an inevitable trend, and we must become a member of it.

Franz Enhuber, Dean of the Baccalais School of Automation

Robert Kickinger, Strategic Manager for Greater China at Baccarat, stated in his speech that the current trends and changes in market demand urgently require the empowerment of new technologies and products, which also provides more innovation opportunities for manufacturers. In order to cope with many market challenges, devices with adaptive capabilities are increasingly favored by users, helping manufacturing customers improve availability and OEE, adapt to flexibility, personalized manufacturing needs, improve productivity density, and provide production traceability.

The innovative technologies developed by Baccarat – ACOPOStrak and SuperTrak track technology, planar motor system ACOPOS 6D, high-performance Delta robot Codian, machine vision technology, and integrated automation technology – are typical representatives of these. Baccarat’s overall solution can bring higher application value to manufacturing enterprises.

Robert Kickinger, Strategic Manager, Greater China, Baccarat

Starting from analyzing the engineering challenges faced by industrial automation at present, Yu Rongrong, Technical Director of Baikalai China, introduced the cost reduction lever of software intelligence, including replacing mechanical shafts with electronic shafts, replacing specialized systems with general systems, and integrating Baikalai intelligent algorithms with PLC/PPC. On the one hand, it optimizes mechanical design, reduces design redundancy, and ensures safety; On the other hand, optimize electrical design to ensure that the system operates at the optimal working point, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs, making the machine intelligent and visible.

Yu Rongrong, Technical Director of Baikalai China

Baikalai has always been one of the technological innovation enterprises in the field of industrial control automation. Now, entering a new stage of high-quality development, Baikalai has clearly proposed to become a technological leader in the OEM equipment manufacturing industry in the future. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Xiao Weirong, President of Baccarat Greater China, summarized: After experiencing the crises and difficulties of the past two years, we are now on the right track of development. Baikalai looks forward to providing customers with innovative personalized and differentiated support through various digital means and precise automation solutions in the future, strengthening cooperation and communication with customers and partners, and jointly building a new industrial ecosystem – Baikalai sells not only products and technologies, but also ‘trust’

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