Coma Releases New Wearable Robot Solution MATE-XB



Sep 1, 2023

MATE-XB was jointly developed by Coma and IUVO, and collaborated with Esserunga, a large retail trading company that serves as an early use and validation testing partner, to provide comprehensive support for the lumbosacral joint during bending and lifting movements

This fully passive exoskeleton design can assist workers in handling heavy objects up to 25 kilograms, helping to ensure the safety and comfort of operators

The launch of MATE-XB further demonstrates Komar’s commitment to wearable robot technology, and the company is now able to meet the support needs of the upper and lower body

Sustainable and measurable ergonomic improvements not only improve work quality and efficiency, but also bring tangible benefits to long-term health

  Komar and IUVO have collaborated with Esserunga to develop a new wearable exoskeleton specifically designed to reduce back fatigue caused by lifting and repetitive tasks. This product has been tested by the large retail trade leader Esserunga Group, with the aim of improving the ergonomic condition of operators engaged in manual handling work. The exoskeleton can provide passive assistance to the lower back muscles used in lifting and handling without the need for motors or batteries. Therefore, it can significantly reduce physical exertion and fatigue, bringing short-term and long-term benefits to the wearer. This also confirms Esserunga’s focus on innovation and commitment to constantly improving working conditions with employees at the center.



 The latest Coma wearable exoskeleton utilizes springs to store the energy released by the human body. It provides support for operators in bending or repeatedly lifting movements to meet the specific needs of handling bulky items. This product is easy to wear and can be quickly adjusted, suitable for almost all body types. It adopts a lightweight carbon fiber structure with waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant properties, and can be used indoors and outdoors, even in highly corrosive marine environments.

  Usage Scenario

  MATE-XB is very suitable for scenarios such as logistics delivery, manual stacking and unloading, manual picking and dropping, bending to pick up objects, and lifting upwards. It can replicate the user’s body movements and provide optimal support for the waist without the need for batteries, motors, or other components that are prone to malfunctions. Its intuitive and easy-to-use design keeps the entire body flexible, while also equipped with a quick switch function, allowing users to adjust their exoskeleton without interrupting the task at hand.

Komar CEO Pietro Gorlier emphasized that Komar has always been committed to enhancing the sustainability of the workplace, focusing on developing innovative solutions to ensure the ergonomic health of its employees. Over the past six years, we have collaborated with IUVO company to jointly develop wearable robot solutions. According to our internal estimation based on market research data, the wearable robot market is expected to grow at a rate of 25% in the next three years. The collaboration with Italian authoritative partners and market leader Esserunga during the design and validation phase ensures that the MATE-XB has been tested and recognized by employees before expanding into other industry areas, which is crucial for ensuring its wearability, features, and functionality.

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