Simple and fast selection of Cartesian coordinate robots



Sep 1, 2023

LinSelect Selection Tool Added Reference Process for Gluing Tasks

Simply enter a few parameters to obtain specific product recommendations

A complete subsystem suitable for handling and gluing tasks

Thanks to the help of the intelligent reference process in LinSelect selection software, the design efficiency of the adhesive intelligent function kit suitable for performing typical adhesive tasks has been improved. (Image source: Bosch Rexroth AG)

Bosch Rexroth has made the selection process of Cartesian coordinate robots easier and more feasible. Taking the transportation field as an example, the intelligent reference process in LinSelect selection software will guide users to find the optimal subsystem in the shortest possible time, thus completing typical adhesive tasks such as bonding or sealing. With just a few parameters input, the electronic tool will provide specific suggestions to help users select the appropriate Cartesian coordinate robot. This suggestion is determined based on the best achievable technical standards, prices, and delivery times, as a guide to make product selection easier.

The reference process suitable for handling and gluing robots makes digital engineering simpler and faster. To achieve the best results, Bosch Rexroth not only has its own expertise in mechatronics and software, but also incorporates the practical experience gained from customer projects into the development process.

The new reference process for the gluing task begins with the selection of multi axis systems using spatial or horizontal gantry forms. After entering a few parameters, the algorithm will calculate the best option from over 50000 combinations. During this process, a large amount of measurement data and comprehensive practical professional knowledge will be combined with highly complex computational logic.

Designing a glue coating robot in a fully automatic manner only requires some key data. In addition to speed, it also involves the expected contour length, width, and radius, as well as the cycle time, starting position, and load center of gravity of the adhesive attachment. Afterwards, with the help of visualizing the adhesive sequence, the complete electromechanical integration design of the subsystem was immediately completed through software calculation.

After selecting the required Rexroth automation and driver packages, LinSelect will provide specific recommendations for the best technology, lowest price, and shortest delivery time in each scenario. The suggested results can be saved as a project, shared or directly transmitted to Bosch Rexroth’s online configurator, where the selected subsystem can be re visualized for 3D real-time preview. The relevant files and CAD data can be downloaded immediately.

Pre installed operating software accelerates debugging speed

Once the system selection is completed in LinSelect and the operating software is selected in the online configurator, the parts list will be directly transferred to the production system of Rexroth. Using inventory standard components for immediate production can minimize delivery time. On site, pre installed operating software can assist you during the debugging process and reduce the required time by up to 80%. In addition to the wizard program accompanying this process, automatic parameterization and axis reference positions, as well as visual sorting based on predefined functional blocks, also play a key role here. The latter includes typical gluing procedures, such as “gluing”, “rinsing”, or “wiping the needle” procedures. With just a few clicks, mobile monitoring can be activated and data can be transmitted to higher-level quality systems.

Bosch Rexroth not only provides intelligent function kits for gluing, but also other intelligent function kits for handling tasks, stamping, and bonding applications. Its mission is to perform typical factory automation tasks faster, simpler, and more sustainably. The company combines first-class linear technology with automation hardware and intuitive software to create flexible and rapidly deployable subsystems, thereby promoting the achievement of this goal.

All intelligent feature suites can be easily integrated into the production line through ready-made software modules. The open industrial Ethernet standard PROFINET is also supported.

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