ABB Electric Transportation Appears at the 2023 Shenzhen Charging and Exchange Exhibition, Supporting the New Development of Smart Transportation



Sep 11, 2023

Fully showcasing advanced product technology and charging solutions in the fields of liquid cooled overcharging, AC/DC charging, orderly charging, and V2F energy interconnection.

Boost the new development of smart transportation with safe, intelligent, and reliable charging solutions

On September 8th, as World Electric Vehicle Day approaches, ABB Electric Transportation unveiled its advanced product technology and charging solutions in the fields of DC charging, AC charging, orderly charging, and V2F energy interconnection at the 6th Shenzhen International Charging Station and Exchange Station Exhibition (CPSE), promoting the transformation of smart transportation with safe, intelligent, and reliable charging solutions.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry, the construction of charging infrastructure has been continuously upgraded, becoming an important force in promoting the construction of a strong transportation country and the development of green transportation. As an important communication platform in the field of charging and swapping, Shenzhen Charging and Swapping Exhibition focuses on the theme of “new products, new technologies, and new brands”, promoting the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure, optimizing the charging and swapping infrastructure system, and promoting the development of the new energy vehicle industry. It presents the full chain resource advantages and future development direction in the field of charging infrastructure.

ABB electric transportation continues to expand its technological boundaries with outstanding technical expertise, rich industry experience, and deep insight into the field of charging infrastructure. Its charging solutions cover a variety of application scenarios from household to commercial use, including residential communities, public buildings, industrial parks, and specialized operation stations. The products include low-power AC charging piles ranging from 7-21kW, 60-240kW DC charging piles, orderly charging systems, and high-power liquid cooled overcharging systems ranging from 360/480kW. It takes into account the diversified charging needs of the present and the future, accelerating the achievement of transportation carbon neutrality goals.

High power fast charging, the future has arrived

With the rapid development of charging technology, “making charging as fast as refueling” is no longer a new concept. ABB TERRA CA intelligent DC charging station combines dual gun charging and overcharging modes, as well as a wide range of constant power voltage and high current functions, which can simultaneously charge two electric vehicles. This product has a maximum output of 500A with two guns, and its empowerment efficiency is about 25% higher than that of ordinary charging piles. It can effectively respond to the diverse charging rate and voltage demands of various types of vehicles, such as electric taxis/ride hailing, electric logistics vehicles, and electric buses, and can meet the demands of different voltages. It provides charging operators with safe, convenient, efficient, and economical charging services.

The ABB 480kW high-power liquid cooled overcharging system has a peak output current of up to 650A, which is compatible with new models of future high voltage platforms of 800V and above, achieving a 5-minute charging range of 200 kilometers. In addition to its speed advantage, the use of this product is also very flexible and convenient. In addition to the ergonomic cable management system, the overcharging pile reduces the weight of the terminal gun wire by using liquid cooling technology. The gun wire diameter is 28mm, helping car owners easily and quickly plug in and out the charging gun.

Flexible and flexible energy management

Nowadays, vehicle to power grid (V2G) technology has evolved into more application scenarios, such as the promotion of vehicle to factory intelligent microgrid V2F (Vehicle to Factory), which has brought more flexible, stable, and economically significant new electricity consumption models to factories. ABB charging solutions can effectively support the application of V2F technology, enabling factories or fleets to support the power grid during peak demand periods, allowing buildings or equipment to use green energy stored in vehicle batteries, and combining vehicles with the charging and discharging fields of factory smart microgrids, opening up new possibilities for energy trading and smart energy management.

Smart and sustainable operational ecology

The future charging stations will no longer be simple charging places, but advanced energy stations that integrate photovoltaic, energy storage, charging and discharging functions, and more in line with user needs. In the “Powered by ABB” concept station, the energy conversion scenario of photovoltaic energy storage and charging will become the preferred option. And orderly charging and V2G technology will further help stations save energy and reduce emissions, feed back the power grid, and achieve efficient energy utilization. The “Powered by ABB” charging concept station not only promotes sustainable transportation development, but also emphasizes people-oriented and customer-centered services. The service scope of the station extends from charging to lounges, catering, AED assistance, etc., meeting the diverse needs of users in charging scenarios and promoting a bright future of sustainable development. As a global leader in the field of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, ABB Electric Transportation is committed to building a zero emission future with intelligent, reliable, and zero emission charging solutions. Today, it has delivered over 1 million charging stations in 85 countries and regions, including China.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a technology leader in the field of electrical and automation, committed to empowering a more sustainable and efficient future. ABB integrates engineering experience and software technology into a solution to optimize manufacturing, transportation, energy, and operations. With over 130 years of outstanding history, ABB’s approximately 105000 employees worldwide are fully committed to promoting innovation and accelerating industrial transformation. ABB has comprehensive business activities in China, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and engineering services. It has 27 local enterprises and 15000 employees in over 130 cities, with online and offline channels covering approximately 700 cities nationwide.

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