Kangjiate COM Express module has passed IEC-60068 railway certification



Sep 13, 2023

The world’s leading supplier of embedded and edge computing technologies, Kongat, announced that it is equipped with Intel ® 11th generation Core ™ The conca-TC570r COM Express Type 6 compact module of the (codenamed “Tiger Lake”) processor has obtained IEC-60068 certification. Obtaining this certification indicates that this series of modules can be applied in the field of railway transportation, and also affirms the excellent performance of this series in dealing with extreme conditions such as large temperature differences, rapid temperature changes, large impacts, and strong vibrations. In addition, this module is equipped with all components such as CPU and memory, which can complete various key core tasks and bring huge advantages to customers.

The conca-TC570r module, which has obtained IEC-60068 certification, is suitable for various new railway applications, including train control and management systems (TCMS), predictive maintenance, passenger information systems, video monitoring and analysis, ticketing and fare collection, and fleet management and optimization. In addition, this series of modules can also be used in harsh application scenarios other than railways and transportation, including automation, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous driving robots (AMR), etc. These application scenarios require advanced embedded computing capabilities provided by Intel’s 11th generation core processor, and this series of modules can be designed to meet industry standards and comply with all specifications and requirements of IEC-60068.

Certification details

The conga TC570r module has undergone rigorous testing and certification in accordance with multiple standards of IEC-60068. Certification indicates that the module can operate reliably within an extended temperature range of -40 ° C to+85 ° C, and can withstand temperature changes (IEC-60068-2-14 Nb) and rapid temperature changes (IEC-60068-2-14 Na). In addition, this module can also meet the impact and vibration resistance performance specified in DIN EN 61373 April 2011 Class 2 (Railway Applications). According to the regulations of IEC-60721-3-7 7K3, 7M2 level, this module can further meet the operating conditions of high humidity environments and improve its resistance to liquids and moisture by equipping it with a three proof coating.

The ultra robust COM Express compact Type 6 is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation core module with surface mount RAM and support for In Band ECC (IBECC), which can be configured in several configurations or customized according to requirements:Kangjiate also provides corresponding carrier boards and comprehensive cooling solutions for its IEC-60068 certified COM Express modules, facilitating customers to quickly launch application designs. The unique heat pipe passive cooling solution launched by Kangjiate adopts a fanless design, which can effectively optimize the heat dissipation and durability of the module, extend its service life and reliability. In addition, Kongat also provides design and compliance assessment services for PCIe Gen4/5 and USB4, simplifying and accelerating application design, improving design security, and shortening product launch cycles.

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