Delta to unveil zero carbon factory solutions at the 2023 Industrial Expo



Sep 18, 2023

Delta, a global power management, cooling solutions and automation manufacturer, will participate in the 2023 China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”) held in Shanghai from September 19th to 23rd, with the theme of “Delta Zero Carbon Factory”. Guided by the “dual carbon” goal, Delta continues to leverage its power electronics technology expertise, connect various energy-saving products, and actively develop green and low-carbon solutions based on the Internet of Things. Reflected in this year’s Industrial Expo, Delta will comprehensively showcase solutions related to zero carbon factories, from aspects such as green intelligent manufacturing, smart health offices, and factory microgrids, specifically presenting Delta’s goal of leveraging its technological advantages and committed to sustainable operation. At the same time, Delta will also take this opportunity to reveal its new brand value proposition for 2023- “Intelligent Intelligent IoT, Sustainable Energy Conservation and Sustainability, Connecting Value Co creation”.

At this year’s CIIE, Delta will showcase nearly a hundred innovative products and solutions developed by Delta under the trend of automation, digitization, and intelligence with a 211 square meter large booth. At the same time, through online “virtual booths”, Delta will provide customers worldwide with an immersive exhibition experience. The highlights of the exhibition include:

Introduction to Zero Carbon Factory

With comprehensive carbon reduction achievements in energy and carbon management, renewable energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and product ecology, Taida Wujiang No. 5 Factory has recently been awarded the China Energy Conservation Association’s standard five-star zero carbon factory. At the 2023 Industrial Expo, the Taida booth will unveil the panoramic strategy of Taida’s zero carbon factory on-site.

Green and low-carbon intelligent factory

Delta is committed to assisting production and manufacturing in energy conservation and carbon reduction, and moving towards the goal of net zero. To provide customers with full lifecycle management of zero carbon factories, from consulting planning to design solutions to implementation and optimization of operation and maintenance management, all the way to asset liquidation. Based on Delta’s execution experience in production management, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and industry Know-How, we aim to create a green and low-carbon intelligent factory that combines digitization, visualization, energy conservation, and high integration.

Intelligent manufacturing solutions

Delta’s fragile product screening and detection application solution integrates modular robots and servo electric claws, integrated control, providing precise force gripping and multi stroke design, making it easy to screen and detect fragile products.

The Delta 1kW wireless charging system is mainly developed for the automatic charging needs of unmanned transport vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), or other automatic mobile devices. The end-to-end energy conversion efficiency reaches 93%.

Intelligent Building Solutions

The Delta 3D zero carbon digital management platform integrates IT and OT technology, and combines digital technologies such as virtual simulation, digital twins, and artificial intelligence to make building equipment management more intuitive, intelligent, and convenient, achieving sustainable energy conservation.

Delta’s smart conference room environmental control, DALI lighting control, and indoor air quality management enable managers to effectively receive various information through high-quality building controllers, sensors, and smart management platforms, creating a safe and comfortable work and living environment for people.

Energy infrastructure

Delta is committed to providing reliable solutions for data centers. The Delta HEC30 cold plate cabinet system exhibited at this year’s Industrial Expo uses cold plate liquid cooling and back plate evaporative cooling products, which can improve refrigeration efficiency by 40%.

Delta DeltaGrid@EVM The charging management system can ensure stable charging services while also taking into account electricity safety. The management system can also optimize energy efficiency and electricity cost.

Focus on green intelligent manufacturing and actively respond to the “dual carbon” goal. Delta combines knowledge and action to create a zero carbon factory! For more exciting moments, please come to the Taida booth of the Industrial and Commercial Expo: 6.1H-D001, one “carbon” after all. The “Virtual Exhibition Stand” of Delta will also synchronously display the highlights of Delta Industrial Expo products and solutions online.

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