Weidmuller’s new factory opens and lays the foundation in Detmold, Germany



Sep 18, 2023

Recently, industrial connectivity expert Weidmuller held a grand groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of a new factory project at the German headquarters in Detmold. The factory will be located on Ohm Street in Detmold, mainly producing electronic components and other products.

Legend: Weidmuller’s new factory opens and lays the foundation on Ohm Street in Detmold

Volker Bibelhausen, spokesperson for the Weidmuller Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer, is full of expectations for this project: “The new factory established by the company in Detmold not only allows us to meet the needs of the German market, but also provides more high-quality employment opportunities for the East Westphalia Lipp region. This project will greatly enhance our innovation ability and competitiveness, allowing us to take a big step forward in the electronics field

Legend: The construction of a new factory has enabled the company to continuously expand its professional advantages in the electronics field

The new factory of Weidmuller will combine functions such as circuit board assembly, installation, injection molding production, and logistics. Weidmuller will invest a total of approximately 60 million euros in the construction of a new factory over the next three years.

Adhere to sustainable development and achieve European production and sales

The new factory integrates modern equipment and highly automated concepts, and will have outstanding performance in energy efficiency: the factory will apply reversible heat pumps to control the heating and cooling of the warehouse, while recycling waste heat from the production process and using district heating to better meet specific heating needs. A 600 kilowatt photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof surface of the entire factory, utilizing solar energy to power electronic production

Legend: Automation technology will be particularly applied in the construction of Weidmuller’s new factory

Dr. Sebastian Durst, Chief Operating Officer of Weidmuller, emphasized that, The company will always fully implement the concept of sustainable development during the project construction process: “During the construction of the new factory, we focus on sustainable development in all aspects and strive to improve energy efficiency. Firstly, the design concept of the factory includes the full utilization of renewable energy. Secondly, the products produced by the new factory in Detmold will be specifically aimed at European customers, achieving local production and sales, thereby shortening transportation routes and reducing carbon footprint

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new factory was grandly held on Ohm Street in Detmold. The Chief Executive of Lippe County, Axel Lehmann, attended the ceremony. The factory is built by Depenbrock, a construction company from Stemweed, and the entire project is expected to take two years. The new factory will officially start production in early 2025.

Legend: The construction work of the new factory is in full swing, and the construction company is Depenbrock Group from Stemweed

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