Create new records! Central control technology breaks the scale of domestic control systems in pulp and paper making



Oct 7, 2023

  Recently, Zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhongkong Technology”) successfully won the bid for the first phase project of Xianhe Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Xianhe Co., Ltd.”) Guangxi Laibin and Hubei Shishou Pulp and Paper Base, with a total number of engineering points reaching 58000, setting the highest number of engineering points for domestic control systems in the pulp and paper industry.


  As a large domestic high-performance paper-based functional material research and production enterprise, Xianhe Group has 5 manufacturing bases nationwide. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions in the field of high-performance paper-based functional new materials, and have a full industrial chain production capacity layout in chemical, pulp, energy, raw paper, paper products, environmental protection treatment, transportation, and other fields.

  This project involves a full process production line of chemical pulp (one with an annual output of 400000 tons) and chemical mechanical pulp (two with an annual output of 200000 tons), including material preparation, washing and bleaching, chlorine dioxide, alkali recovery, pulp machine, biomass boiler turbine, cogeneration, and related auxiliary systems and sections. The project control method adopts a combination of centralized control in the main control building and on-site control. The central control technology utilizes independently developed ECS-700 control system, TCS-500 safety instrument system, G3Smart PLC system, combined with specialized control module software in the paper industry, to provide a stable and reliable control platform and create an overall solution for the paper industry.


  In addition to the overall solution mentioned above, the central control technology also provides the main control building and turbine building LED large screen system and industrial control network security system for the Xianhe Guangxi base. The construction plan follows the requirements of national laws and the equivalent protection 2.0 standard system, with the core concept of “one center and three protections” for equal protection, and revolves around multiple aspects such as the secure computing environment, secure area boundaries, secure communication network, and security management center, Carry out network security construction to ensure the safety of the entire factory’s industrial control network.

  After the project is fully completed and put into operation, it is expected that the pulp and paper production capacity will reach 4.7 million tons/year, which is an important part of Xianhe Group’s diversified industrial development and full industry chain layout in the field of high-performance paper-based new materials. The cooperation of this project is an important milestone in the cooperation between Zhongkong Technology and Xianhe Co., Ltd. in the fields of digitalization and intelligence, and also injects strong momentum into the rapid expansion of Zhongkong Technology in the pulp market.

  In order to assist Xianhe Group in building a new development model of “integrated traditional forest pulp and paper industry and digital” intelligent manufacturing and “integration of secondary and tertiary industries”, Zhongkong Technology has conducted multiple in-depth exchanges with Xianhe Group. Recently, Wang Minliang, Chairman of Xianhe Group, and Cui Shan, Chairman and President of Zhongkong Technology, held talks to reach a consensus on the project construction vision and in-depth cooperation.

  Wang Minliang, Chairman of Xianhe Group, stated that in the development process, Xianhe Group has always adhered to the construction of a “home” culture, built small “homes”, developed large “homes”, and created enterprises with rich social value and positive feedback to society. The group attaches great importance to the construction of a system of technology, talent, and innovation. Starting from the development needs of the group, we hope that the central control technology can apply excellent technology and products to help it build a dual cycle pulp and paper park for the integrated development of the “forest pulp and paper” industry.


  Cui Shan, Chairman and President of Zhongkong Technology, stated that in recent years, Zhongkong Technology has adhered to the “135 customer value innovation model”, continuously increased and accelerated investment in digitalization, intelligent technology, products, services, and other aspects, and strengthened the construction of a diversified ecological integration strategy, rapidly extending the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and building a digital intelligent chemical plant solution that covers the entire lifecycle and system level of process industrial enterprises, covering all aspects Multi dimensional assistance to enterprises in achieving “Production Process Automation (PA)” and “Enterprise Operation Automation (BA)”, enhancing their comprehensive benefits, which coincides with the expectations of Xianhe Group. Central Control Technology strives to build the project into a globally leading benchmark project.

  With the increasing demand for industrial upgrading and intelligent manufacturing in the global paper industry, Central Control Technology will continue to provide comprehensive solutions including high-quality software and hardware products to global partners, helping paper companies quickly achieve transformation and upgrading, and continuously contributing to the development of the global paper industry.

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