Honeywell Automation and Digital Technology Assists in the Construction of Battery Super Factories in the United States



Oct 7, 2023

Honeywell recently announced that American Battery Factory (ABF), a manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate batteries, will fully deploy Honeywell’s automation and process safety solutions at its new super factory in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

ABF Tucson Super Factory

The new factory covers an area of approximately 18.6 hectares and is expected to become one of the largest lithium iron phosphate battery production factories in the United States upon completion. The energy storage system created by batteries produced by ABF is suitable for households, businesses, and public utility companies, helping them optimize the energy use of the power grid or internal systems.

This super factory will integrate Honeywell’s innovative end-to-end production management solutions to help ABF optimize production processes and workflows. Honeywell’s technology can help ABF achieve visualization in mixing, spraying, assembly, storage, and distribution to control the production process of batteries in real-time, simplify and improve the collection process of operational data, and collect insights for operators about subsequent tasks or potential delays, ultimately increasing production, reducing waste, and achieving more energy-efficient and cost-effective battery production.

With Honeywell’s excellent tools and technology, we can quickly and effectively build a sustainable foundation for our super factory network. “ABF President John Kem pointed out,” This collaboration marks substantial progress in our goal of supplying American made lithium iron phosphate batteries nationwide, which is crucial for meeting federal and state climate change initiatives

Honeywell’s innovative solutions play an important role in ABF’s business growth process, “said Chad Briggs, Vice President and General Manager of Project and Automation Solutions for Honeywell’s Process Control Department.” Our solutions in battery automation and process control help expand production and reduce consumption, and are expected to change the way super factories operate in the future

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