Decheng’s new embedded computer DS-1400 series helps AOI automatic optical detection



Oct 7, 2023

Stable quality control is one of the indispensable and important links in the manufacturing industry. With the rapid development of intelligent factories and artificial intelligence technology, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) has gradually replaced traditional manual inspection, becoming the mainstream with its advantages of high efficiency, high accuracy, and non-contact detection. The core of AOI lies in powerful real-time computing and machine learning, which requires support from the powerful computing power of CPU and GPU. Cincoze, a brand of rugged embedded computers, recently launched a new rugged embedded computer called DIAMOND, which is a high-performance and PCIe expandable embedded computer (DS-1400 series) under its product line. Not only is it equipped with an ultra efficient CPU, but also a GPU card that supports PCIe interface. Since its launch, it has become a focus of attention in the AOI field and an ideal choice for edge AI computers.

Strong collaboration between CPU and GPU to improve detection efficiency and accuracy

In the past, the manufacturing industry usually used manual testing to examine the yield of production lines, which was inefficient and prone to errors. By introducing AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) technology and utilizing powerful processing capabilities, the efficiency and accuracy of product inspection can be improved. As the operating core of the DS-1400 series, it can be equipped with Intel ® The 12th generation Alder Lake-S processor in the 7-process has up to 16 cores (8P+8E), DDR5 memory up to 64GB 4800MHz, and ECC (Error Correction Code) error correction technology. In addition, its design features up to two PCI/PCIe expansion slots, which can support up to 110W expansion cards with dimensions of 111mm x 235mm. The PCIe fixed bracket (patent number I773359) patented by Decheng also ensures stable operation of the DS-1400 in industrial sites with continuous vibration, achieving precise and high-speed detection efficiency.

Rich I/O and elastic expansion to meet the serial connection requirements of AOI

As the key core of AOI, the DS-1400 must be able to be connected in series with peripheral devices such as high-speed lenses, light sources, sensors, and displays. In addition to native high-speed I/O interfaces (2x1GbE LAN, 8xUSB), the reserved expansion area can also be expanded to 10GbE LAN, M12 LAN, USB3.2 interface or PoE function through DeCheng’s exclusive modular expansion. The built-in Mini PCIe slot can be paired with WIFI/4G modules to achieve wireless communication function, allowing personnel to remotely monitor production status and related information in real-time.

Strong security, military level verification standards

As the edge AI computer under the DIAMOND product line, the DS-1400 series continues Decheng’s consistent concept of rugged security. In addition to safety designs such as wide temperature (-40~70 ° C), wide voltage (9-48V), overvoltage, overcurrent, and electrostatic protection, the DS-1400 series also complies with the military standard MIL-STD-810G for shock resistance, proving its ability to operate stably and safely in harsh industrial environments for extended periods of time.

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