PTC acquires pure-systems as a supplier of product and software variant management solutions



Oct 10, 2023

PTC has acquired the pure: variables solution from pure systems, which is adopted by some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies for managing software and product variants.

This acquisition consolidates PTC’s ALM leadership position in automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, and other safety critical and regulated industries.

On October 9, 2023, PTC announced the acquisition of pure-systems, a leading supplier of product and software variant management solutions. Manufacturing companies use pure systems for pure:: variables ® Solutions to effectively manage different variants of software and system engineering assets in their product configurations. PTC and pure systems had already collaborated before the acquisition, and pure:: variables had already collaborated with PTC’s Codereader ® The integration and direct complementarity of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions is also a Windchill for PTC ® Supplement to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. The addition of pure systems is expected to support PTC’s leading position in the rapidly growing ALM market, drive further growth of ALM, and strengthen relationships with regulatory industry customers, including automotive, aerospace, and medical equipment manufacturers, who are increasingly prioritizing software in product design.

The acquisition of pure systems has added important features to our ALM suite, which is crucial for global manufacturers PTC Chairman and CEO Jim Heppelmann stated. Manufacturers are increasingly utilizing software to achieve product differentiation and create different versions of products to meet various customer needs. In particular, automakers who are investing heavily in software defined cars need tightly integrated ALM and software variant management solutions to plan and deliver different software configurations to power their automotive product line. We believe that the combination of Codereader and pure:: variants Together, PTC will become one of the leading providers of software requirements, configuration, testing, and validation solutions in the marketThe pure systems team is delighted to join PTC and continue to support our manufacturing customers’ demand for software variant management solutions Danilo Beuche, CEO of pure systems, stated. PTC, like us, focuses on the key needs of companies that manufacture complex and standardized products, as well as the importance of open ecosystem methods. We are proud of the achievements of the pure-systems team to date for our customers, and we are pleased to join PTC’s ALM group to continue expanding our position in this important market!

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