Bole Ren Suggests the Transformation of Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Shanghai



Oct 17, 2023

After three years of cloud conferences, this year’s Shanghai Mayor’s International Entrepreneurship Consultation Conference (IBLAC) is back offline. Chen Jining, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, and 30 top international entrepreneurs from 12 countries around the world exchanged and discussed the theme of “Changes and New Opportunities: Building a More Dynamic and Resilient International Metropolis”.

In the sub topic discussion session and speech report, Roland Busch, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and CEO of Siemens, shared unique insights on the topic of digitalization and low-carbon transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai.

As a strategic frontier for technological innovation and industrial transformation, Shanghai is accelerating the construction of a globally influential technological innovation center. Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in the industrial and innovation chains, and are an important force in the development of the real economy.

Siemens suggests that Shanghai use the “Collaborative Innovation Center” as a carrier to strengthen cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises, leading enterprises, universities, and associations, and provide targeted services such as “platform building, talent cultivation, and model building” for small and medium-sized enterprises, fully unleashing their transformation potential.

Siemens supports the digital and low-carbon transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai through innovative technologies and open platforms, and collaborates with universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University to cultivate innovative talents. For example, the open digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator can empower enterprises of different industries and sizes, making digital transformation easier, faster, and more conducive to large-scale implementation through ecological co creation.

During the IBLAC meeting, Bole Ren, Xiao Song, and the company’s management team held talks with Shanghai Municipal Party Secretary Chen Jining. Both sides have conducted full exchanges and discussions on topics such as further empowering the digital transformation of Shanghai’s leading and key industries, accelerating the digital and low-carbon transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises through platform economy on the new track of the digital economy, strengthening cooperation in innovation and digital talent cultivation, as well as the construction of zero carbon factories and zero carbon parks.

Chen Jining expressed that he welcomes global leading enterprises such as Siemens to seize opportunities for market upgrading, industrial upgrading, and consumption upgrading, and further increase investment in Shanghai, optimize business layout, and enhance headquarters capabilities based on their respective strengths. Shanghai will make every effort to create a market-oriented, legalized, and internationalized first-class business environment, accelerate the construction of a regulatory system that is compatible with high-level openness, and support global enterprises to achieve faster, better, and sustainable development in Shanghai.

Boloren said, “Siemens and Shanghai have been working together for a century, enduring storms and growing together. Entering a new historical stage, with our innovative capabilities in the fields of digitalization and sustainable development, as well as the aggregation effect of open platforms, we will continue to work together with Shanghai to discover new opportunities, promote new growth, and help Shanghai become the global digital capital

Xiao Song said, “Shanghai is an important engine for Siemens’ development in China and a cutting-edge position for us to promote innovative development. In the future, we will continue to work together with Shanghai to build an open ecosystem, sharing, co creating, and win-win, driven by digitization and low-carbon technology

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