Crossing Technical Barriers and Supporting the Sustainable Development of the New Energy Industry



Oct 17, 2023

With the deepening of industry development, technological progress, and the pursuit of economic benefits, people’s demand for renewable energy tends to break through the limitations of a single energy source, and comprehensively utilize multiple renewable energy sources in the same region to achieve maximum production capacity. However, different energy assets typically operate on equipment from multiple manufacturers and are managed through various control and monitoring automation technologies from different suppliers, making integration difficult and limiting data access.

How to unify the operational view of asset management to efficiently and economically manage renewable energy generation assets has put forward new requirements for the industry and related enterprises. Technology transformation is imminent. Therefore, based on its industry-leading wind power technology and successful predecessor products, Emerson integrates wind turbine, solar energy, energy storage, and substation technologies, and takes multiple measures to break through the challenges of different energy monitoring and management technologies. It is dedicated to creating Ovation for renewable energy assets such as wind power, photovoltaic, and energy storage management ™ Green renewable energy asset management and SCADA software. Compared to previous systems that were solely focused on wind power resources, the new generation of products has stronger analysis and prediction features, and improves user interaction design based on a better user experience. It is easy to configure a simple and intuitive control interface, allowing users to use the most appropriate tools and functions to complete asset management from a single farm to the upper level, ultimately achieving efficient and optimized production of the farm.

Emerson’s Ovation ™ Green’s renewable energy asset management and SCADA software adopt a flexible and open design:

Based on Microsoft Windows or Linux systems;

Can configure servers and clients according to needs, display data, and interact with other renewable energy automation systems;

Store configuration and communication data through a Microsoft SQL database, and process or manage real-time and high-speed data storage through a more efficient Cassandra database for fast logging and retrieval;

Communicate directly with asset control devices through standard or proprietary protocols, with powerful monitoring, analysis, reporting, and prediction functions;

Can achieve multi user access, users can group access permissions according to their needs and configure control views;

Simplify asset portfolio management through renewable energy specific features such as KPI dashboards, alarms, diagnostics, and trends; Power generation, GADS, and dispatch reports;

An HTML based interface with advanced, efficient, and easy-to-use features can improve operational continuity and response speed through task automation.

Manage all renewable energy assets through a unified platform to improve asset performance:

Clear and unified window for comprehensive understanding of asset operation related information;

Provide full access to multi asset and multi system aggregated data;

Support different equipment manufacturers, system types, and system production years;

Scalable to fully control one or more sites;

Reduce operation and maintenance costs;

Adopt protection mechanisms to protect assets and data through comprehensive network security solutions.

Different renewable energy sources have their own characteristics of periodicity, regionalism, randomness, and volatility, which have prompted enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in application. Emerson seized this opportunity to break through the barriers of wind power technology and extend monitoring and asset operation management technology to other renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, enabling users to have a clear understanding of the operation of the entire asset portfolio, including renewable energy generation and energy storage assets. It efficiently manages single or multiple assets simultaneously, without being affected by factors such as equipment manufacturers or system types, and improves energy utilization efficiency. Simultaneously utilizing complementary technologies to avoid instability caused by power supply demand, ultimately increasing revenue, reducing costs, and increasing annual power generation.

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