Peel Magnet: Small and sturdy safety door lock PSENmlock mini



Nov 9, 2023

The application of safety doors is second only to the emergency stop function in the safety applications of various mechanical equipment. But unlike the single use scenario of emergency stop function, the application of safety doors can be described as diverse. In addition to the variety of doors, the functions of doors are also different. For the application of safety doors for small devices (applications where personnel do not need or cannot enter the equipment), Peel Magnetic has launched a customized door switch PSENmlock mini.

This series of switches meets the safety requirements of the vast majority of applications in terms of both interlocking and locking safety capabilities, and has a small size and flexible installation.

Introduction to Switch Characteristics

Safety features: Safety interlocking: PL d, Cat three

Size: 30 x 30 x 159 mm

Encoding Type: Normal, Complete, Unique

Version: Basic version (M12, 8-pole)&Tandem version (M12, 12-pole)

Diagnosis: 4 LEDs, auxiliary semiconductor output, with SDD function

Safety locking force: 1400 N

Protection type: IP67

Auxiliary release: 2 sides

Escape release: None

The special design of PSENmlock mini can meet the personalized needs of customers in response to the requirements of switch installation position differences. For installation outside the door frame, the pin head to be selected is PSEN mlm actuator a, with the pin position on the auxiliary release side of the switch; For the installation inside the door frame, the pin head to be selected is PSEN mlm actuator b, and the pin position is on the LED light side of the switch.

Like PSENmlock, when implementing multiple PSENmlcock mini series combinations, you can choose a series with cascading functionality. Paired with the SDD module, it can quickly and effectively identify switch signals and diagnose status.

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