Weidmuller’s new ultra-thin, vibration resistant universal relay – the TERMSERIES-compact series has been launched with great success



Nov 9, 2023

Universal relays can be widely used in the field of automation, therefore, many industrial industries are increasingly using universal relays. To ensure the efficient operation of the factory, it is necessary to maintain stable operation of the relay in an environment with frequent vibration; At the same time, it is also required that the volume and appearance of the relay be more compact to meet the narrow space requirements of the electrical cabinet. Weidmuller’s TERMSERIES compact series relays have innovated on the basis of existing relays, which can simultaneously meet the above two needs and achieve more functions.

Adding high-quality products to the TERMSERIES series

The electromagnetic relays and solid-state relays in the Weidmuller TERMSERIES series are truly versatile products that are highly welcomed by customers and have been Weidmuller’s proven Klippon for many years ® Part of the relays relay series. In order to better expand the advantages of the TERMSERIES series and make it serve more scenarios, Weidmuller developed the TERMSERIES compact series. Dennis Harland, the product manager of Weidmuller relays, listed many advantages: The product adopts a closed design with reliable vibration resistance. Its height is only 63 millimeters, and you can even install it in a narrow electrical cabinet or junction box. Because it has the same contour as the TERMSERIES series products, it can be used with all accessories, which provides great convenience for users. Another advantage is the mirror symmetrical design, and there are continuous transverse channels at each connection level, making the design scheme high in height Flexible, capable of efficient implementation, and reducing wiring time

Legend: The TERMSERIES compact series is an important supplement to Weidmuller’s TERMSERIES products.

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