Siemens acquires Insight EDA to expand Calibre’s reliability verification series



Nov 17, 2023

This acquisition can help customers more easily conduct reliability verification and analysis of specific designs in the integrated circuit (IC) design process

Siemens Digital Industrial Software recently announced the completion of its acquisition of Insight EDA, which can provide groundbreaking circuit reliability solutions for global integrated circuit (IC) design teams.

Insight EDA was founded in 2008 and is committed to providing customized digital design processes for analog/mixed signal and transistor levels to customers worldwide. Insight EDA is a pioneer in relying on EDA automation to solve specific design circuit reliability problems. It can provide efficient circuit reliability analysis and usage models, identify potential circuit reliability failure areas in specific designs, and assist in solving related problems, helping engineers achieve a successful chip casting.

The demand for circuit reliability is growing rapidly in the IC design industry, with Siemens’ Calibre ® PERC ™ Committed to creating reliability sign off software that can provide inspection functions that traditional verification tools cannot achieve, the addition of Insight EDA technology will help Siemens provide end-to-end circuit reliability solutions for chip designers.

Michael Buehler Garcia, Vice President of Product Management for Siemens Digital Industrial Software Calibre Design Solutions, said, “The acquisition of Insight EDA can further refine Siemens’ technical roadmap in the field of circuit reliability verification. By adding the Insight EDA tool to Ximenzi’s Calibre PERC product line, design engineers can now more easily perform reliability checks and analyses for specific designs

Jesse Newcomb, CEO of Insight EDA, said, “Joining Siemens is a new beginning for the Insight EDA team and technology. In the past, we have been focused on meeting the needs of specific customer groups. Now, as part of Siemens EDA, we hope to push our solutions to a wider semiconductor ecosystem

The acquisition was completed on November 1, 2023, and the specific transaction terms were not disclosed.
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