JAKA machine and small station “1+N” linkage, creating a “direct train” for industrial intelligent manufacturing



Nov 24, 2023

The manual loading and unloading operation of CNC machine tools is simple and tedious, with safety hazards and low career growth potential. Affected by labor shortages, automated processing units and intelligent workshop production lines are gradually becoming popular in various machining scenarios in factories worldwide.

The Jieka robot combines the production needs of small batches and multiple varieties in the market, adopts an integrated design, based on a movable car embedded in a control cabinet, integrates Jieka robots, multiple feeding modules, gripper modules and other professional equipment, and creates a lightweight and flexible JAKA machining station to meet the flexible and automated production needs of factories.

1 set of machining station+N-class machine tool

At present, JAKA machining station can directly communicate with most machine tools in the industry, without the need for PLC equipment as a connection intermediary, and can perform high synchronization, strong stability, and high-precision loading and unloading operations, eliminating the cost of PLC equipment for enterprises. At the same time, the card saving robot can provide customers with the transformation of machine tool automatic doors, truly achieving unmanned operation in machine tool loading and unloading scenarios.

JAKA machining station can meet the demand of “1 drag N” scenario according to the processing rhythm of customer products, and can be compatible with the loading and unloading needs of up to three machine tools, improving customer production capacity.

1 set of machining station+N robots

JAKA Machine Plus Station is compatible with various load and arm span articulated robot products, with loads ranging from 3kg to 18kg. According to customer actual needs, it is equipped with corresponding robot models, covering a wide range of scenarios and applications.

At the same time, Jieka has launched robot products with IP68 protection level for CNC machine tools with high oil pollution during loading and unloading, ensuring safe and reliable use even in various harsh machining environments.

1 basic framework+N supporting modules

The JAKA machining station adopts a modular design, equipped with modular chemical loading trays and modular grippers. Based on the basic movable framework, different workpiece tray modules and matching execution unit modules can be selected according to needs, which can be flexibly transformed into flexible intelligent workstations with different operation modes such as single station, double station, three station, double-layer sliding table, and rotating material bin. It is widely used in various CNC milling machines with three axes, four axes, and five axes, as well as in various machining loading and unloading production scenarios such as lathes, electric discharge machines, and coordinate inspection equipment.

Flexible intelligent rapid deployment

Based on the design creativity of direct communication without PLC and the “1+N” style scheme, JAKA machine plus small station demonstrates excellent flexibility and intelligence characteristics. JAKA machine plus small station supports 15 minutes of rapid repeated deployment and 1 minute of rapid production change. At the same time, workers only need 120 minutes of training to master the usage methods of the station.

Compact layout reduces costs and increases efficiency

The Jieka robot adopts a highly integrated modular joint design, with small volume and small footprint, greatly reducing the space cost of the factory and meeting the compact layout requirements in CNC loading and unloading scenarios.(https://www.weikunfadacai1.com/)

In addition, as the first enterprise in the collaborative robot industry to obtain an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) certification of 80000 hours, JAKA machining station can efficiently produce 24 hours a day, helping customers reduce labor and management costs, improve production quality and capacity.

In the future, Jieka Robotics will continue to focus on technological innovation and intelligent equipment manufacturing, continuously breaking through technological barriers, expanding application scenarios, and deeply promoting the flexible automation upgrade of production lines in various industries around the world. At the same time, Jieka Robotics will actively practice the ESG concept, promote the transformation of frontline general workers to technical senior talents, and empower sustainable development of enterprise talents.
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