Huichuan MD580 series frequency converters have obtained T Ü V South German explosion-proof and functional safety certificates



Nov 24, 2023

The MD580 series frequency converter has obtained the T Ü V South German explosion-proof and functional safety certificate, which means that the frequency converter not only meets the entry requirements of the German and EU markets, but also serves as a passport for MD580 to open up the international high-end market.

Huichuan MD580 series frequency converter

In recent years, the issue of enterprise safety production has attracted high attention from the country and widespread attention from all sectors of society. Especially for industries such as petroleum, chemical, coal, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, “talking about explosions turns pale” – once an explosion occurs, it will bring catastrophic consequences such as casualties, economic losses, and chemical raw material leakage pollution.

Any place that may involve the production, processing, handling, storage, transportation, etc. of explosive substances may form an explosive environment. Among them, as the core electrical equipment in industrial production, the explosion-proof function of the frequency converter lays a solid safety bottom line for production.

On November 16th, T Ü V South Germany Group (hereinafter referred to as T Ü V South Germany), a globally leading third-party testing and certification organization, issued the “Functional Safety Certificate” and “CE-ATEX Certificate for Explosive Environment Related Functional Safety Devices” for the MD580 high-performance engineering frequency converter to Huichuan Technology.

Song Lei, Business Manager of Industrial Automation in T Ü V South Germany Industrial Products Department, and Ing., Manager of Explosion Protection Services Mr. Kristof De Gersm and his delegation, as well as representatives from Yu Qingbo, Director of the Whole Machine Engineering Center of Huichuan Technology R&D Department, Yang Yongbing, Manager of the Variable Frequency Product Development Department of R&D Department, Yao Mingying, General Manager of the Chemical Industry, and Guo Guangdong, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, attended the certification ceremony held at the Huichuan Technology Suzhou Exhibition Hall.

During the certification ceremony, both parties had a friendly and friendly exchange on the current development overview, business scope, future development direction of related industries, international regulations and technical standards requirements of their respective companies. The MD580 series frequency converter certified by Huichuan Technology adopts a new generation of platform technology, which has the advantages of safety protection, stability and reliability, powerful functions, and convenience compared to traditional drive control devices. After joint evaluation by experts from T Å V South Germany and China, the MD580 series frequency converters meet the requirements of SIL3 and PLe functional safety levels. They have successfully obtained the T Å V South Germany functional safety certification and passed explosion-proof testing with excellent results, fully meeting the CE-ATEX (Equipment and Protection Systems Used in Potentially Explosive Environments) directive. The acquisition of this safety certification certificate can meet the special applications of 380V/690V in industries such as chemical and coal mines, reflecting Huichuan’s technical expertise in the fields of special, specialized, and precision industries.

In the future, Huichuan Technology will rely on the strong support and technical support of the T Ü V South German expert team, and continue to deepen cooperation in areas such as industrial control, explosion-proof, and new energy based on existing strategic cooperation frameworks. T Å V Nande will rely on its rich project experience in the field of explosion-proof, and a professional global technical team to work together with Huichuan Technology to continuously deepen cooperation and jointly safeguard explosion-proof safety in the industrial field.

Regarding CE-ATEX certification for explosion-proof equipment

ATEX certification, also known as “Equipment and Protection Systems for Potential Explosive Environments”, is a directive issued by the European Union aimed at ensuring that equipment and protection systems in potentially explosive environments meet specific safety requirements. Potential explosive environments include flammable gases, vapors, dust, and other environments. Equipment in these environments must undergo qualification assessment and be labeled with the CE mark before entering the European market.(

·Combustible gas environment: refers to places where combustible gases or vapors may exist. Such as oil refineries, chemical plants, oil drilling platforms, etc;

·Combustible dust environment: including places where combustible dust may exist. Such as flour processing factories, wood processing factories, agricultural grain storage warehouses, etc;

·Combustible vapor environment: A place where combustible vapor exists. Such as steam power plants, boiler rooms, etc.

Application examples:

Taking chemical plants as an example, they are generally divided into explosion-proof areas and non explosion-proof areas. The frequency converter is located in a non explosion-proof area, while the motor is located in an explosion-proof area. Overheating of the motor can easily lead to risks. The MD580 series frequency converter equipped with HSMT-10 explosion-proof card can provide timely protection when the motor overheats. It can disconnect the power supply within the specified time (such as the disconnection time defined by the increased safety motor), stop the motor from working, and prevent the risk of overheating.
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