Schneider Electric showcases three new achievements at the EP Power Exhibition, accelerating the construction of new power systems



Nov 24, 2023

On November 15th, the 31st Shanghai International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition officially opened in Shanghai. Schneider Electric, a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, showcases its strong technological innovation capabilities and rich sustainable experience in a comprehensive manner, with the theme of “innovation integrating ecology and intelligent empowerment of new power systems”, showcasing multiple integrated innovation achievements, and condensing wisdom for energy transformation.

The new power system is an important component of the new energy system and a key carrier for achieving the “dual carbon” goals. As the builder and enabler of the new power system, Schneider Electric believes that technological innovation is the “first driving force” for building the new power system, and ecological win-win can provide long-term empowerment for transformation and transformation. At this exhibition, Schneider Electric showcased its innovative solutions covering all scenarios of “source, network, load, and storage” and industry-leading full lifecycle service capabilities. It also brought the latest practical achievements in three dimensions: “technological innovation”, “industry insight”, and “ecological cooperation”, fully demonstrating its confidence and determination in continuously nurturing sustainable innovation and accelerating the transformation of the power system.

The achievements of technological innovation have all been unveiled, and multiple products have made significant debut: At the exhibition, Schneider Electric brought a powerful product matrix with “source, network, load, and storage” as the main theme, and launched a new generation of air circuit breaker series products and intelligent terminal distribution solutions. The new generation of air circuit breaker series products make breakthroughs in both “quality” and “intelligence”, making the application of air circuit breakers safer, more stable, green, and low-carbon, helping users “simplify complexity”; The intelligent solution for terminal distribution relies on innovative functional design and wide adaptability, which can achieve more efficient, convenient, and intelligent three box operation and energy management, helping customers achieve sustainable development in the digital wave.

The core feature of the new power system is that new energy dominates and becomes the main form of energy. To help accelerate the application of new energy, Schneider Electric also showcased its full scenario new energy+energy storage solutions and industry customized products on site. It is worth mentioning that customized products for the new energy industry, such as EasyPact MVS T8 new energy dedicated air circuit breakers and TeSys F 1140V wind power dedicated contactors, have extremely strong environmental tolerance and can easily cope with severe environmental challenges in high-altitude, offshore wind power and other new energy scenarios.

In addition, multiple software and hardware products that have laid the foundation for accelerating the transformation of the power system have also attracted countless attention. Schneider Electric’s new generation intelligent ring network cabinet Smart RMU can meet users’ high requirements for electrical reliability and continuity; The new generation of medium voltage intelligent vacuum circuit breaker EvoPacT HVX adopts innovative technology and design, ensuring safe, stable, convenient and efficient operation; The all-new ComPacT NSX molded case circuit breaker is equipped with a new DCM Modbus SL communication system, which brings comprehensive optimization to equipment operation and maintenance.

In addition, Schneider Electric has also showcased a new generation of PowerLogic Smart PQE digital power quality equipment, which integrates monitoring, analysis, and governance, helping customers achieve comprehensive power quality management through reactive power compensation, harmonic filtering, and dynamic voltage recovery. The newly launched “Cloud and Edge” HVAC energy-saving solution product SpaceLogic AI BOX (Building Energy Saving Box), empowered by AI and digital twin technology, helps the building industry take the lead in energy conservation and carbon reduction.

In terms of software, the Schneider Electric ETAP digital twin system integrates energy related software and has different solution capabilities, which can build virtual models and provide comprehensive analysis for different stages of the entire lifecycle of electrical systems from design, construction, operation to maintenance; EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor, with its one-stop energy management platform and user oriented distributed energy, achieves monitoring, prediction, and scheduling of power generation, energy storage, and electrical equipment, providing safe, economical, and green distributed new energy applications.

Industry insight results showcase strength, and multiple high-value reports are released in a concentrated manner. Grasping the dynamics of industry development and exploring the challenges of enterprise development are the prerequisites for Schneider Electric to achieve the three major “new” achievements. In order to help the industry continue to move towards a “green” future, Schneider Electric and professional institutions have collaborated to release multiple insight reports on the power sector at the exhibition site, guiding the industry towards sustainable development.

Among them, in order to better assist China’s energy industry transformation and the construction of a new power system, State Grid Energy Research Institute and Schneider Electric Business Value Research Institute jointly released the “Challenge and Confidence, Keep Ahead – Energy Trend Analysis”, which combines a two-way perspective of “path planners” and “solution providers”, and presents specific paths from insight analysis to practice, Interpreted the future development direction and technological experience support of the industry from multiple dimensions. At the same time, Schneider Electric joined forces with the New Energy Appliance Alliance to focus on the four major application scenarios of photovoltaic, energy storage, wind power, and optical storage, and released the “Trace Hidden Champions – Micro Insight and Practice in the New Energy Industry” industry insight report. With a sharp perspective, it accurately analyzes industry pain points and delves into solutions, breaking through the multiple challenges brought by the rapid development of new energy to the safe and stable operation of the power system. In addition, Schneider Electric has partnered with globally renowned institution CBRE to jointly release “Green Energy Management Consulting Practice and Insights”, focusing on the three major customer demand scenarios of electrical safety, power quality, and energy efficiency, providing key assistance for the green and low-carbon development of enterprises.(

The achievements of ecological cooperation promote development and empower industries to move towards a green future: In the wave of global green and low-carbon transformation, green design of electronic and electrical products has become a key way to promote sustainable development. At the exhibition, Schneider Electric, together with the Urban Environment Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, carried out a cooperative project, and collected the research results into a volume. The first issue of “Green Design Theory and Digital Application of Electronic and Electrical Products” deeply discussed the core concept of green design and the application of digital technology, providing detailed technical support and practical reference for green design practitioners and learners; At the same time, Schneider Electric has signed a cooperation agreement with the global certification agency T Å V South Deutsche Group on site, completing the closed-loop process of green design certification.

Not only that, Schneider Electric also shared on site the practical cooperation of new power system ecological partners and the achievements of green energy management win-win plans, focusing on “co research, co creation, and win-win”, presenting the valuable achievements of its cooperation with ecological partners in various fields including comprehensive energy service providers, project general contractors, system integrators, design institutes, photovoltaic storage and charging systems and equipment, low-carbon and digitalization, Convey its determination to strengthen the construction of the ecosystem to the industry. Among them, the Green Energy Management Win Win Plan, as a representative project jointly created by Schneider Electric and ecological forces, has attracted more than 400 emerging enterprises to sign up in the past two years, and has partnered with 21 science and technology innovation enterprises to achieve the top 10 joint innovation achievements. This year, the third quarter of the Green Energy Management Win Win Plan attracted nearly a hundred science and technology innovation companies to sign up and participate. Six of the participating companies have embarked on a new round of collaborative research and creation focused on innovation, aiming to bring breakthrough technology products and solutions to the market and users.

To accelerate the construction of new power systems and support energy security and low-carbon transformation, it is necessary to fully leverage the key supporting role of digital technology in energy development and enhance the driving force of energy transformation and development. Ren Jing, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric and Head of Energy Management Low Voltage Business in China, said, “Building a new type of power system is the ‘accelerator key’ for energy green transformation and achieving the dual carbon goal. Schneider Electric will continue to lead the industry transformation and upgrading with the innovative spirit of ‘pursuing excellence’, and gather ecological momentum to promote the construction of a new type of power system, accelerating China’s energy and power industry towards a high-quality development future.

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