First batch! Jieka Robot has been recognized as an innovative enterprise headquarters in Shanghai



Dec 8, 2023

  On the morning of December 5th, the first batch of Shanghai innovative enterprise headquarters licensing ceremony was held in Shanghai. Mr. Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, awarded licenses and took a group photo for 40 innovative enterprise headquarters. Jieka Robot is the only licensed collaborative robot enterprise.

The headquarters of the 40 innovative enterprises recognized this time cover key industries such as integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, and digital economy. Jieka Robot is one of the recognized enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence.

  Jieka Robot is also a national level specialized and innovative key “little giant” enterprise, with bases and technology centers in Shanghai, Changzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Japan, Germany, and other cities. As the headquarters of Jieka Robotics, the Shanghai base undertakes various functions such as research and development, sales, and service, and is the main body of the company’s strategic planning and business implementation.

  After years of independent research and development accumulation, the company has continuously made breakthroughs in robot intelligent decision-making, dynamic interaction, active perception, and agile execution, and has established a core technology system with a complete structure and rich content, achieving key results. At the same time, Jieka Robotics adheres to customer centricity and market demand orientation, deeply expanding the application scenarios of collaborative robots in various sub fields, and winning the favor of a large number of globally renowned customers with outstanding competitive advantages, including well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as CRRC, Xingyu, Schneider, and Weichuangli. The company currently has a market share of nearly 20% in China and has established a good brand awareness in the industry.

  The recognition of the company as the headquarters of an innovative enterprise in Shanghai this time is a recognition of the innovative practice and technological leadership of Jieka Robotics over the past nine years. It also motivates and encourages Jieka Robotics to continuously unleash the strong growth potential of the enterprise in the future, unleash its value creation ability, and take it to the next level.

  Shanghai is an indispensable pole in China’s advanced manufacturing industry, which is thriving and thriving. Fearless of floating clouds, stepping on the waves to pursue new things. In the future, Jieka Robotics will continue to rely on the cultural spirit of Shanghai’s inclusiveness, profound innovation and talent advantages, continuously deepen and expand the global development pattern, and strive to become a shining national business card in the international market.
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