Hollyssey successfully acquired Huakangda, a subsidiary of French CORYS



Dec 11, 2023

On December 5, 2023, Mr. Charles ROSMORDUC, CEO of CORYS in France, and Mr. Peter HERBERT, COO of CORYS in the United States, and a delegation visited the Beijing base of Hollysys for cooperation and strategic acquisition signing. Fang Lei, Co President of Hollysys Group, Fu Jian, Investment Director of the Group, Yan Pei, Assistant to Co President of the Group, Zhang Qiuju, General Manager of the International Business Department of the Group, Liu Tongjie, General Manager of Beijing Hollysys Industrial Software Co., Ltd., and Jiao Xiaoying, Deputy General Manager of Hollysys Industrial Software Co., Ltd, Gu Weimin, General Manager of Huakangda Company, attended the conference and held a signing ceremony.

Mr. ROSMORDUC and his delegation visited the Helishi Intelligent Experience Center, Intelligent Manufacturing Digital Workshop, and Rail Transit Comprehensive Experimental Center, expressing appreciation for Helishi’s development history, key technologies, core products, and competitive advantages in the fields of industrial intelligence, transportation intelligence, and food and medicine intelligence. They also highly recognized Helishi’s 30 years of professional experience in industrial automation and rail transit.

At the signing ceremony, Fang Lei faced Mr ROSMORDUC and his team have come all the way to welcome us and thank CORYS, the shareholder of Huakangda Company, and the management team for their trust and support.

Fang Lei stated that Helishi has excellent competitiveness in the field of industrial automation, and its products such as DCS, SIS, and instrumentation have performed well in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness on a global scale. He hopes to have deeper cooperation with French CORYS company in the future. The acquisition of Huakangda company is to help establish a bond between the two sides, and he hopes that both sides can fully activate in other fields to further promote the development of their business. Fang Lei stressed that he would open Hollysys sales, engineering services and supply chain systems in Chinese Mainland to Huakangda without reservation, so as to help Huakangda integrate into and achieve greater development as soon as possible.

Mr. ROSMORDUC stated that French company CORYS is deeply involved in the field of dynamic simulation system technology in the energy and transportation industry, providing simulation training and engineering dynamic simulation systems for the railway, nuclear power, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

He expressed his hope to further promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in relevant fields through this cooperation, and contribute to the development of the industry.

This cooperation has laid a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between Hollysys and French CORYS company, and also provided broad space for further cooperation between the two companies in industries, transportation, nuclear power, mechanical processing and other fields. I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, future cooperation will achieve even more fruitful results.
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