Koma Deploys Efficient Hybrid Special Transmission Assembly Assembly for Honeycomb Drive



Dec 14, 2023

  Koma has developed and deployed a large-scale automated production line for lemon hybrid DHT production

  An end-to-end solution ensures an annual production capacity of 150000 units per production line, while controlling production pace for less than 2 minutes

  This highly scalable system aims to reduce the production costs of future DHT product upgrades, demonstrating excellent adaptability and efficiency

  Flexible and scalable production lines have customization capabilities to flexibly meet ever-changing market demands

Koma has recently successfully designed and deployed a large-scale automated production line for Honeycomb Drive, a leading manufacturer of DHT technology under Great Wall Motors. This assembly line is specifically designed for the lemon hybrid DHT, a new generation transmission system that enables efficient power sharing between gasoline engines and motors. To achieve the goal of large-scale manufacturing, Koma’s end-to-end solution is equipped with 12 robots on each of the 6 production lines, ensuring an annual production capacity of 150000 units per production line and controlling the production pace for less than 2 minutes.

Koma has fully developed the required components within the project scope, including motor assembly lines, shaft assembly lines, main assembly lines, and assembly testing lines, covering the entire process assembly from components to the entire machine assembly line. This high-speed production solution not only meets the strict requirements of Honeycomb Drive for manufacturing accuracy and product quality, but also ensures better adaptability and efficiency, helping to reduce the production costs of future DHT product upgrades. The production line designed by Koma has significant flexibility and can be easily customized to meet different market demands.

Koma also adopts a process integrated overall workstation design, ensuring the stability and product quality of the entire production line, and the equipment mobility rate is as high as 90%. Through MES (Manufacturing Execution System), Honeycomb Drive can optimize the management and scheduling of production lines, achieve continuous monitoring of key process parameters (such as force and displacement), ensure quality control of the entire production process, and support traceability of subsequent data.

“Honeycomb Drive DHT technology showcases cutting-edge innovation in the field of hybrid vehicles, injecting excellent performance into Great Wall Lemon DHT products. As a partner in our new technology, Koma’s reliable design and engineering capabilities confirm its outstanding position in this field,” said Wu Hongchao, Vice President of Honeycomb Yichuang Technology Co., Ltd. “During the project execution phase, despite being affected by the pandemic multiple times, Koma still strictly delivered according to plan and maintained consistent manufacturing quality. This stability is crucial for our production process, enabling us to meet market demand and maintain efficient production.”

“This project is an excellent opportunity for Coma to collaborate with leading companies in the field of hybrid transmission technology,” explained Yuan Yingjun, the head of Coma’s Asia Pacific region, “By prioritizing flexibility, efficiency, and absolute quality in our manufacturing philosophy, Koma has designed a 100% error proof production process to assist Honeycomb Drive in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, achieving large-scale manufacturing goals. Our competitiveness in the field of electric mobility stems from our long-term experience in traditional engines and power systems, making Koma a global leader in new energy vehicle solutions.”

Koma is committed to the development of electric drive technology, continuously expanding its technology portfolio to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle applications. The company focuses on designing, manufacturing, and integrating flexible, modular, reconfigurable, and scalable automation solutions, covering stator assembly systems, rotor assembly systems, electric drive assembly systems, electronic control assembly systems, and electric drive system housing machining solutions. At the same time, Koma focuses on developing automated manufacturing systems that cover battery cells, modules, and various battery packs, providing solutions for different stages of battery production, including battery formation technology. Thanks to its comprehensive product portfolio, technological strength, and cutting-edge technology, Koma is able to provide a one-stop solution from prototype design and pre manufacturing to large-scale production and even the recycling and disposal of discarded batteries.

Based on the forefront of innovation in the fields of automation and electrification, Koma is empowering global customers in all aspects, helping them improve and upgrade through advanced technology, process research and development, and digital tools. The company focuses on large-scale electrification in the automotive market, fully supporting customers in developing market leading new energy vehicles and providing advanced solutions for the future.
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