This robot is not that robot, Musk responded, “Tesla robots hurt people.”



Jan 3, 2024

Tesla’s robot “explodes and harms people”? Recently, the Tesla robot injury incident has become a hot topic, attracting a large number of netizens to pay attention.

On December 28th, Musk posted on social media in response, stating that this was a media dig up of the damage caused by the Kuka industrial robot (which is present in all factories) two years ago, and made misleading suggestions. This practice is “truly shameful”.

This robot is not that robot

According to sources, the Daily Mail website reported on December 26th that a brutal and bloody accident occurred at Tesla’s factory near Austin, Texas, USA, where an engineer was attacked by a robot.

According to reports, two witnesses were horrified to see their colleagues being attacked by a robot used to grab and move newly cast aluminum car parts.

At that time, the engineer was writing software programs for two nearby Tesla robots that had malfunctioned. The robot suddenly pressed down on him, then extended its metal claws towards the engineer’s back and arms, leaving a “blood stain” on the factory floor.

This incident left an open wound on the victim’s left hand. Tesla’s work-related injury report submitted to Travis County and federal regulatory agencies revealed the incident, which was read by reporters on the Daily Mail website.

In reporting on the “human injury incident” of the robot, the Daily Mail in the UK used footage of Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus. Many netizens believe that the factory injury incident was caused by Optimus.

In order to avoid the long planned impact on the yet to be launched humanoid robot Optimus, Musk urgently debunked the rumors on social media.

It is understood that Musk’s Kuka robot, also known as a robotic arm, is widely used in the field of industrial automation manufacturing, especially in automotive factories. For example, in the body welding process, automated robotic arms can easily lift metal body parts and accurately align them to complete welding compared to manual operations. In the process of car paint spraying, there are also a large number of industrial robots applied. Compared to manual labor, robots can more evenly and quickly complete paint spraying, and can greatly reduce the harm of harmful gases to worker health.

Industrial robots that harm people should be taken seriously

However, industrial robots have enormous power and require programming to run. Once program errors or misoperations occur, they can cause harm to workers. With the popularization of production automation in the field of industrial manufacturing, incidents of robot injuries have also begun to increase.

According to Red Star News in November, a man in his 40s in South Korea was mistakenly identified by a robot as a box of sweet peppers while inspecting a robot sensor at an agricultural distribution center, and was brutally killed. The report states that this is not the first time a robot injury incident has occurred in South Korea this year. In March of this year, a South Korean man in his 50s was trapped by a robot while working at an automotive parts factory, resulting in serious injuries.

The highly efficient Tesla factory has also experienced incidents of robots injuring people. According to The Information, a technology media outlet in the United States, sources said that the two-year rapid construction of Tesla’s Texas super factory has led to a relaxation of safety awareness at the factory, resulting in an increase in the number of injuries. The Tesla report also disclosed a variety of causes of work-related injuries, including blunt force injuries or chemical burns. In August 2022, an employee’s ankle was tripped by a mobile handcart, causing them to be unable to work for over four months. Shortly thereafter, another material handler was hit on the head by a metal object and rested for 85 days.
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