Good news keeps coming! Centennial extension of oil holding hands with Caos



Feb 24, 2024

The Chinese New Year has a good start, spreading good news again! Recently, Shaanxi Yanchang Oil (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yanchang Oil”) and COSMOPlat have officially signed a cooperation agreement, ushering in a red start in the Chinese New Year. The two sides will focus on Yanchang Petroleum’s industrial strategy of “simultaneous development of oil and chemical industry, equal emphasis on gas and electricity, and simultaneous development of new energy and new materials”, jointly build an intensive, efficient, open and shared, standardized, safe, independent and controllable petrochemical industry group level industrial Internet platform, and help Yanchang Petroleum build a world-class enterprise.

Yanchang Petroleum is located in Shaanxi Province and is a large-scale energy and chemical enterprise that integrates the development, utilization, and transformation of various resources such as oil, natural gas, and coal. It is also the oldest local petroleum enterprise in China. In 1907, Yanchang Oil was drilled into the first onshore oil well in China, ending the history of no oil production on land and also known as the “hero oil mine”. As of the end of 2023, Yanchang Petroleum has achieved a crude oil production scale of over ten million tons for seventeen consecutive years, becoming an important force in ensuring national energy supply and an important pillar of local economic development.
As a national “double span” industrial Internet platform, Caos COSMOPlat, based on the needs of the chemical industry in the fields of safety and environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, quality and efficiency improvement, helps chemical enterprises to achieve digital transformation and improve the refined management level and intelligent management efficiency of enterprises and parks through the construction of industrial Internet platform. At present, the platform solution has been implemented and applied in multiple enterprises and parks, such as Jintai chlor alkali in Shaanxi, Lijin Chemical Industry Park in Shandong, and Henggang Chemical Industry Park in Tongling, Anhui, achieving good empowerment results.
This time, the two industry leaders will work together to give full play to Yanchang Petroleum’s industry resource advantages and Caos COSMOPlat’s digital innovation ability, and create an industry leading industrial Internet platform. Through the integration and integration of various information systems in different business areas of Yanchang Petroleum, Caos COSMOPlat will help Yanchang Petroleum to form a “three center, four middle platform” industrial Internet digital capability, provide a unified “digital base” for internal agile development and data aggregation, realize business penetration within the enterprise and synergy of external services, and support Yanchang Petroleum to build a world-class enterprise.

At the same time, with the industrial Internet as the link, Yanchang Petroleum will also accelerate the digital application of the industrial chain in the fields of settling oil, gas, coal, chemical and electricity, promote the horizontal connection, resource sharing and business collaboration between the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, create a national demonstration benchmark for the industrial Internet platform in the petrochemical industry, and drive the digital transformation of the industry.
Next, COSMOPlat will work together with Yanchang Petroleum to accelerate the implementation of projects, explore new models of intelligence and digitization in the petrochemical industry, and help “Centennial Extension” move towards high-quality and sustainable development.
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