Everyone gathered and won a lucky draw. This annual meeting is super exciting!



Mar 8, 2024

Xiamen Xiongba Annual Conference

Bobing section

The past year has been unforgettable for each of us, and the highly uncertain 2023 has given us challenges, as well as hope and rewards. In 2024, we will strengthen our beliefs and give our all to achieve the ultimate!

Our annual meeting opened with a bowl of cake. I wish everyone good luck in the the Year of the Loong!

Today, we all gather to bid farewell to the extraordinary 2023 with a joyful attitude. All colleagues eat, drink, and play well, enjoy to the fullest, and celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the sea of cheers!

May the Dragon Year bring good luck and happiness, and may the New Year always be accompanied by good luck and happiness

Speech by General Manager Liu

Golden Dragon celebrates the Chinese New Year, and everything prospers with the Dragon!


As the footsteps of winter gradually fade away, the bell of the Spring Festival rings softly in everyone’s heart. At this moment full of joy and peace, we ushered in the the Year of the Loong full of hope. The 2023 Xiamen Hero Gala has officially begun. Mr. Liu delivered a New Year’s greeting for the evening party.

Mysterious appearance

The most dazzling and domineering style by the management team

The management brought us such a surprising performance amidst their busy schedule, and we were truly moved by the careful preparation!

Runway shows

The First Team of the Business Department’s Mighty Heroes: The National Style Celebration of Mighty Heroes

Recently, there has been a China-Chic on the Internet, and we overlords have also deeply felt it! A versatile and powerful person, with a considerable presence in the runway show, is no less impressive than a professional!

All things prosper like a dragon

Wishing the New Year all the best and abundant wealth

Fan Dance

Temperament and dance blend together, taking us to experience a dreamy visual feast together!

Singing performance

Business Department Haina Baichuan Team “I Believe”

Undoubtedly, we are a versatile and powerful person. In addition to outstanding performance, singing is also a masterpiece!


Business department surpasses team “Modern Journey to the West: Moments”

Dance performance

Business Department Hengxin Team’s Frog Dance

A happy little frog cheering

A happy little frog cheering

I hope we can continue to be happy like little frogs!

Song Performance


The farthest you are my closest love from the logistics department

Dance performance


Business Department Wolf Warrior Team’s “Elf Dance”

The little elf has always been a symbol of intelligence, cuteness, and cleverness, just as we have always been so cute.

Lottery section

Our lottery session

It’s very simple and realistic

There aren’t so many gimmicks at the annual meeting

Let’s reunite in the same robe and watch the performance

Eat, drink, and have fun, then draw a lottery······

The requirements for prizes are not high

It’s just making you dizzy

(Huawei Mate60- valued at 5999 yuan)

(Snowder Spacewalker – valued at 2299 yuan)

(Huawei GT 4 Watch – Value 1588 yuan)

(Huawei Bluetooth earphones – valued at 599 yuan)

Award Presentation Session

2023 is a year worth reminiscing about. Every day, Xiongba people are changing and moving forward. The 365 days of a hundred family members have come together in one word – touching!

Moved by the dedicated research of every family member, striving for excellence in every work. Success comes from sweat, and gold is never hidden. Thank you for your selfless dedication and dedication!

Money grabbing process

In order to reward the hardworking business department and encourage everyone to “look for money and make a fortune”, Liu Zonggong donated his private money of 20000 yuan to sponsor this round of games. It seems that everyone is very happy to catch it!

The annual meeting is amidst laughter and joy

Perfect end!

Let’s be grateful

Wishing Xiongba even more brilliant achievements in the future

Wishing everyone a happy life!

Family happiness!

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