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Mar 8, 2024

Fearless stereotype of “women”

Breaking prejudices and unleashing women’s power

May you be confident and not lost on Goddess’s Day

Goddess theory

Goethe’s words:

Eternal Women, Guiding Humanity Forward

Another year of Goddess’s Day

Perhaps under the identity of a daughter, wife, or mother

Always having heavy choices and struggles

But please don’t forget

The most important thing is the existence of oneself

Respect first feelings

Be the master of one’s own life

Xiamen Heroes Celebrate Goddess’s Day

Better showcase the charm of female employees in the company

Simultaneously reflecting the company’s care and concern for female compatriots

Motivating female employees to promote

The spirit of “standing firm in one’s position and not letting women outdo men”

The company has launched a theme of

“Half of the sky is warm in spring, love lies in the majesty”

38 Goddess Festival Theme Event!

Hand gift distribution

To thank the female employees for their hard work

Vice General Manager Wang specially distributed holiday souvenirs to all the goddesses of the Xiong Ba!

“Strolling Three Gardens” game

Strolling through the Three Gardens is a small game that tests reaction ability. In the game, it can reflect the importance of unity and cooperation, improve team work efficiency and collaboration ability, and experience the great joy brought by the team.

DIY twisted and held a bouquet of flowers

It’s time to test your hands-on ability. By using your skillful hands, you can give yourself a romantic bouquet. Why not do it?

Look at how charming our goddesses are when they are fully focused

Women can infuse a sense of cultivation into art,

You can also cultivate a demeanor in science.

Beauty is never just one kind,

It can be said that,

Countless women’s free and vast souls,

Expanding the boundaries of beauty in the spiritual realm of Yi people,

It is both livable and beneficial for the country and the people.

Finally, I wish all the goddesses

Nothing stirs the heartstrings, happy holidays!

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