DeKeweier’s Spring 2024 New Product Launch Industry Multiple New Technologies, Innovation Leading the Upgrading of the High end Industrial Chain



Apr 9, 2024

The 2024 Spring New Product Launch of DeKeweier arrived as scheduled on April 2, and the highly anticipated LS series I/O modules, RB series I/O modules, and MC series multifunctional valve islands were also officially unveiled. Nearly ten thousand viewers gathered in the live broadcast room to witness the grand release of Decwell’s new products.

Since the beginning of the the Year of the Loong, Dirkville has risen like a giant dragon, unstoppable, showing the power and speed of a thunderbolt! In just a few months, three new technology products have been released in the industry, which is unique in terms of speed and intensity.

It is understood that the LS series is a product developed based on the self-developed WellBUS bus by Dexter. It is the first discrete I/O module released in China. This product supports multiple bus protocols, with a maximum of 128 slave stations, 512 input and 512 output points, and a minimum scanning cycle of up to 2ms. At the same time, the power supply has undervoltage and overvoltage protection, as well as short circuit protection and disconnection protection for channels. Its characteristics of saving wiring, labor, and space, as well as the miniaturization design of module volume, make it very suitable for industrial automation application scenarios that require rapid debugging, shortened construction hours, and improved equipment maintenance.

According to Duke’s product manager Hou Bangwu, the LS series also supports free selection of communication cables, two core transmission, flexible topology and on-demand layout, high anti-interference ability of WellBUS, simple connection, plug and play, infrared handheld devices, and many other functions. It can be widely used in large-scale equipment or discrete distribution scenarios, such as automated warehouses, sorting systems, conveyor lines and other discrete manufacturing equipment. These equipment are located in industries such as photovoltaics, semiconductors, food, warehousing, logistics, lithium batteries, etc. The LS series products can provide efficient and reliable solutions.

“The RB series is a new generation of card type I/O modules that DeKeWeier has been dedicated to building for its customers,” said DeKeWeier Product Manager Hou Bangwu. “The underlying and hardware of this series of products use the technology of the current mature EX series, and multiple innovative technologies and designs have been carried out based on the original foundation, such as the first three-stage design in China, extremely thin size, single module only 12mm, support for hot swapping function, tool free installation, etc., making the RB series products light, thin, reliable, easy to use, and efficient. This product can be widely used in industries such as lithium batteries, 3C, automobiles, logistics, and photovoltaics.”

It is reported that stable on-site operation is of great significance in the industrial control industry. In order to ensure the stable operation of on-site equipment, RB products have focused on the design of the structure and electrical aspects. The circuit has overcurrent protection and power supply anti reverse connection protection. After strict electromagnetic testing and reliability testing, ESD, EFT, and surge resistance all reach A. Mr. DeKeweier, what is the concept of A? It means that our RB series products continue to operate as expected after experiencing electromagnetic interference (with no decrease in functional performance), and can operate at extreme temperatures of 70 ℃ and -40 ℃; At the same time, the connection part adopts double petal shrapnel and double buckle, imported shrapnel substrate and surface gold-plated design to ensure reliable connection, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and stable operation of RB series products in harsh environments. At the same time, the RB series I/O has rich diagnostic functions and clear channel and status indicator lights for quick on-site problem localization and efficient maintenance.

DeKeWei Product Manager Hou Bangwu said that we not only focus on product performance, but also on user experience. From the customer’s perspective, a type-C communication port has been designed to facilitate configuration and management operations on the upper computer, a diagonal network port has been inserted to reduce network cable stress, and a red and blue marked power port has been designed. These designs are aimed at simplifying operations, reducing errors, and improving user experience. Make it easy for users to get started and apply without hindrance. At the same time, the RB series modules have a rich range of signal types, and customers can choose the appropriate signal type according to their actual equipment load. As a card type module, various signal types can be freely matched to adapt to various complex industrial environments. As production lines or industrial processes expand, it may be necessary to add more input and output points. The rich signal types enable the system to easily expand without the need to redesign the entire control system. At the same time, the RB series modules are only a few products in China that support up to 32 expansion modules., It can be widely used in many fields such as power inspection, chemical operation and maintenance, electronic and electrical research and development.

As the only valve island product released this time, DeKeWei’s product manager Xiao Zipeng introduced that the MTC series has undergone two upgrades and iterations, and has now developed into the third generation product. It is a high-performance valve island that combines remote I/O modules with solenoid valves, realizing the integration of circuit modules and pneumatic modules. It can support multiple industrial communication protocols (Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, CC Link IEFB) at the same time, and can be compatible with mainstream PLCs on the market. It can meet the communication needs of customers for different brands of PLCs without the need for additional protocol conversion modules. It has the characteristics of integration, modularization, high protection, and rich diagnosis. Compared to… Conventional solenoid valve groups can save 90% of assembly and wiring time. It is worth mentioning that the main material of the MTC series valve island is composite material, which has a relatively light weight and is very suitable for working scenarios such as mechanical arm ends that require product weight. In addition, in the lithium battery industry, valve islands are used for laminating machines; In the photovoltaic industry, it is used in fields such as diffusion equipment, ALD equipment, and automated assembly lines in the 3C industry.

As a leader in the domestic I/O module industry, in the future, DeKeWeier will continue to deeply cultivate the field of industrial control, continuously launch product lines covering all application scenarios, provide more advanced and reliable industrial control products and solutions, and innovate to lead the high-end upgrading of the industrial chain.

It is understood that DeKeWei focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of industrial control industry products, with complete independent intellectual property rights, and is committed to providing professional and competitive products and industry solutions to global customers. The main products include various series of I/O modules, switches, and valve islands, widely used in industries such as lithium batteries, photovoltaics, semiconductors, logistics, automobiles, packaging, and industrial robots.
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